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You are being advised: BF3 Skirmish Sundays Returns April 22

Calling all warfighters, prepare for the manshoots! It’s been a while since our last Sunday skirmish sesh and I really want to get some rounds in with all of you again. So clear out your Sunday afternoon schedule, because once again our server will be populated with C4ing, sniping, helo crashing and building collapsing fun times. The plan is to at least get a good enough showing to ensure pubbies join in so we can get a full server.

I miss having multiple squads coordinating assaults and flanking maneuvers on points while calling in CAS and armour on enemy hardpoints. And I certainly hope this is the start of the revival of BF3 in our community!

So here are the deployment details:

Sunday April 22, 1700 onwards

We’re doing a head count so let us know if you can make it in the forum post we have up here!

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