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World of Tanks Southeast Asian Servers Open

Pop quiz! Which of the following appeals to you the most?

    1. Parking behind giant rocks or inside bushes
    2. Noisy diesel engines
    3. Running over clotheslines
    4. Driving in a circle around a pile of boxes

Obviously, all of these answers are valid. A much more valid answer would be E. All of the above. If none of these appeal to you, you probably haven't experienced the joy of's World of Tanks yet. If you live in Southeast Asia, you're in luck; it's now easier than ever to get into my absolute personal favorite free-to-play game. World of Tanks has just opened its Southeast Asian servers!

Visit the World of Tanks Southeast Asia site to get started. The servers are currently in open beta to test load capacity and patching and other technical things. was kind enough to list down the following perks for players who participate in the open beta:

    • Register and reserve your in game name!
    • All XP and achievements earned in open beta will be transferred to official launch servers (subject to change)
    • Daily gold bonus for all players during open beta

Sounds good enough to me. Let's go!

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