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Wideo Wednesdays - Gaming videos for the week before that big expo

Yes indeed, it's the week before E3 so it's only natural that a lot of devs are probably keeping their latest videos and trailers very close to their chest before the big reveals on the 11th - 13th. That's not to say we don't have some pretty exciting ones lined up for you. It's the middle of the week and you deserve to sit back with your favourite beverage and indulge in some videos.

Payday 2 - Gameplay Trailer

There were a lot of gameplay and mechanics issues in the first Payday and I'm hoping a lot of that has been rectified in the sequel because I always saw potential in this bank robbery themed, "Left 4 Dead-esque" coop shooter. This latest trailer shows off a pretty smooth and ideal bank take down. I'm looking forward to seeing more gameplay videos showcasing the new coop features.

The Last of Us Early Access Demo Walkthrough

It pains me that this game will only be a PS3 exclusive, but hey there are always Let's Play videos right? Jed's sudden and recent purchase of a PS3 so late in the cycle finally makes sense to me now! Anyway check out some amazing footage of The Last of Us in this 17 minute early access demo walkthrough. What the hell are clickers? NOEP!

Remember Me Review by Rev3Games

I can't believe this totally slipped past my radar but Capcom's cyberpunk action-adventure game Remember Me was just released. Absolutely love the theme and art style but do the gameplay and narrative add up to make a great game? Watch Rev3Games' review to find out.

Company of Heroes - "More than Tanks" trailer

Once again I'm bringing up a video on one of my most anticipated games for the year, COH2. I've been a big fan of COH since the very beginning in 06 and I'm expecting the sequel to fill in my RTS needs for the foreseeable future. Once again if you are getting this game, please get in touch, I'm looking for some comp stomping coop partners! The game comes out 25th June.

Have I missed any other great videos for the week? What did you think about these videos? Leave a comment and let me know, I'd love to hear from you!

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