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Wideo Wednesday - Making sense of all this E3 madness

It's been a wild ride with the deluge of E3 announcements and news, so this week's video roundup will definitely seem tamer than the 9 hard hitters I posted last week. Not to worry, this Wednesday I've got you covered with some pretty interesting material on E3 interviews and coverage.

E3 2013: A Descent into Madness - Adam Sessler and Rev3Games

First up we have quite literally a descent into madness as the title of the video implies. We talk a lot about how crazy the news cycle for gaming has been over the last week but we sometimes don't get to see how that affects the journalists and professionals on the ground who cover the events like E3 and how that takes a toll on someone's mind and body. Poor Adam Sessler. This guy is one of the most respected journalists and he was literally dead tired and exhausted from non-stop interviews over the course of E3 (you can literally see in the video, back to back interviews). What's even sadder is that some people were even accusing him of being drunk on set during the interviews but you can clearly see how tired the guy is.

/r/Games gets indie with Takedown

Last week we mentioned that the subreddit /r/Games was one of the places to check out for some great E3 coverage. Following up on that promise, what we have here for you is an interview with Christian Allen, the Creative Director of the upcoming FPS Takedown: Red Sabre and some great gameplay footage of this game. James, Jed and I backed this on Kickstarter last year, and we're very excited for some old school slow tactical shooter action, bringing back the good old days of Rainbow 6, Rogue Spear and SWAT 4. If you are a fan of those games, then this game is for you.

The Verge's E3 Coverage: What is a next-gen game?

My favourite tech site looks at exactly what makes a next-gen game. This video examines the buzzword used to describe games, consoles, and their accessories. But really, what makes something next-gen? Check out the video for an interesting look at the topic at hand.

Planetary Annihilation Alpha Launch Trailer

Taking a break from the E3-related videos, we have here a really amazing look at the upcoming Planetary Annihilation alpha which launched recently. I personally backed this on Kickstarter some months back and although I only will get access to the Beta onwards (due to my tier contribution) I'm really looking forward to this grand scale RTS that harkens back to the Total Annihilation that I grew up playing.

What'd you think of this week's video picks? Anything I missed out? Please leave a comment and let me know. I'd love to hear from you. Or you could tweet me!

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