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Why I love PC Gaming, Steam and the Great Gaben

So it's been over a week now since the great Gaben blessed us with the Steam Summer Sale and I must say I've made the most of it even with the few games I chose. This is the privilege we have of being pc gamers: the ability to make the most of digital distribution and bask in the awesomeness that is Steam. As of today I've picked up Shogun 2 Total War, LA Noire, Sword of Islam DLC (CK2) and Trine 2. A select few no doubt but the money I saved has been immense.

For background here is how much they costed on launch day:

    • Shogun 2 Total War - USD $49.99
    • LA Noire - USD $49.99
    • Trine 2 - USD $14.99
    • Sword of Islam DLC (CK2) - USD $9.99

Grand total: USD $124.99

And here is how much I paid for them during the Steam Sale:

    • Shogun 2 Total War - USD $7.49
    • LA Noire - USD $3.74
    • Trine 2 - USD $3.74
    • Sword of Islam DLC (CK2) - USD$2.49

Grand total: USD $17.46

So had I bought these games a few months ago to a year, I would have spent USD $124.99. By waiting I saved about 86% of that money I would have spent and only shelled out an extremely reasonable USD $17.46. An absolute bargain. Such is the power of the great Steam Summer Sale.

May the gods bless our great Gaben and may his reign be long and everlasting.

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