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What have you been playing?

A good day and a happy May to all the OMGeeks out there! We’re now nearing the midpoint of 2013 -- where did the year go? -- and luckily, we’re not without any notable gaming stories experienced during the past five months. Gaming news sites and blogs usually talk about what’s hot and what just came out, but the humble founders of OMGeek also hold day jobs on top of maintaining the site, and sometimes we only find the time to play the year’s hottest games weeks or months after release.

I know I’m the only one who’s played Bioshock Infinite so far. Not that I’m keeping score.

Read on to see what we’ve been playing. Share your gaming stories with us as well! What new (and old) games have captured your gaming time recently?

Borderlands 2!

Yeah, we’re still not done. The game crescendoed towards an epic climax, and we thought we were at the end, but it turns out we weren’t and then the game threw another handful of sidequests at us. It feels like we’ve scraped Pandora raw and there still are more things to do. Why, Anthony Burch???


Now this is a delightful little game that we’ll be sure to continue soon. We played a round or three with fellow OMGeek Exodus and we had a thrilling, piano-banging good old time. I’m a huge fan of Left 4 Dead, so now I’m thoroughly convinced that good cooperative games -- and this is certainly a good one -- reach the peak of the fun-meter when things go horribly, horribly wrong.


This free-to-play MMO just went open beta a few days ago, and already some of our members are in the level 20 range! As level 4 shmucks, INQUE and I went dungeon-delving into the depths and slums of Neverwinter. Astonishingly, our cleric-wizard two-man band decimated everything from undead rotters to bandits with the tactile and entertaining combat. Time will tell if this is a keeper, but I’ll certainly be coming back to it in the coming weeks.

Far Cry 3!

We might have never mentioned it before, but Far Cry 3 houses a highly polished cooperative mode that deserves more attention than it ever got. We like responsive controls and iron sights and rough-and-tumble firefights as much as anyone, but the real gem in here for me is the ability to clear some areas stealthily. There’s nothing like pulling off a clean sync kill with no artificial gaming aids to make it happen.

Dead Space 3!

I’ve played through the first two Dead Space games in the past couple of months, so it’s only natural for me to go ahead and continue the story. This time, though, INQUE came along for the ride as John Carver, well-known douche and infrequent succumber to creepy hallucinations. We’re still tooling around in derelict space ships, and I’m loving the atmosphere so far. I really hope this doesn’t get lamer down the road.

Lord of the Rings: War in the North!

And now, for one of those older games I was talking about! War in the North is a brawling game in the grand tradition of Double Dragon, Final Fight, and The Warriors. With magic. And bows. And unintentionally hilarious talking eagles. It’s difficult too, which we did not expect, but the RPG-style character progression is quite deep, and the character-specific abilities make everyone feel useful. We’ll be playing this again soon.

Which games have been monopolizing your attention? Let us know!

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