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What are Your Favorite Scary Games?

Have you cowered in the safety of a pause menu lately?

I've been playing Alien Isolation for the past few weeks. I'm four hours into the game and three things consistently astound me:

  1. The overall polish of the experience
  2. The amazing retro-future aesthetic
  3. The ways it can make me feel like I've totally earned my continued survival

I'd rather not share specifics so as not to spoil the surprises for anyone who's planning to play the game, but everyone should know that this is a horror game that manages to make you feel smart AND vulnerable -- the latter being the primary motivation for you to be smart in the first place.

You're not just up against the titular Alien, either. Other threats require different approaches, and you'll be patting yourself on the back for coming up with all sorts of creative ways to avoid or combat all the things that you'll find standing in your way.

Oh, and it is scary. It's terrifying. Trust me.

So what have you guys been playing? Any scary games that you'd like to recommend?

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