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Waveform for mobile: now officially a thing

The first time that we laid eyes on an early version of Waveform from Eden Industries, one question had already been brewing in our heads. We were intrigued by its surreal yet science-y premise and we wanted to try it out, but even before we got our hands on the game, we had always wanted to know: is it coming out for mobile?

Well, now it is! Ryan Vanderdyck, founder of Eden Industries, has confirmed that Waveform will indeed make it to the Android and iOS platforms later this year. We asked Ryan a few questions about the ports. Here's what he told us. See our brief exchange inside:

OMGeek: How did you arrive at the decision to make a mobile port?

Ryan: It was the number one most requested thing by the community! And something we had been wanting to do for a while, since the controls seem like such a natural fit.

OMGeek: What development challenges did you encounter?

Ryan: The main challenge was adapting the in-house Eden Industries engine to the mobile platforms. Although we could’ve used a common engine like Cocos, we felt that getting our own engine working would provide us the most flexibility in the future.

OMGeek: What's your planned release date?

Ryan: Whenever it’s done :) . It’s really hard to say at this point since development is still ongoing.

OMGeek: Will the Android and iOS versions be simultaneously released?

Ryan: The iOS will likely release first, as development on that is further along.

OMGeek: How much will the mobile versions cost?

Ryan: I haven’t quite decided yet. It’ll probably be free to download with microtransactions to unlock all of the content.

Thanks for the update, Ryan! Watch out for Waveform for mobile later this year! We'll also have more updates concerning Eden Industries in the coming days, both Waveform and non-Waveform related, so stick around!

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