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Upcoming Waveform DLC is free for current Waveform owners

Great news, Waveform fans! Ryan Vandendyck from Eden Industries has given us the scoop on the game's new DLC, which is scheduled to release next week on Steam. The action takes place across 7 levels set on the dwarf planet of Eris. We'll be getting a new object (the Pulsar) and a new bonus mode (Reverse) with the DLC. The best news is that it's absolutely free for everyone who has purchased the game so far! Here are Ryan's own words about the DLC:

This is the first of many planned “Planet Packs” that we intend to release as DLC. This one opens up the dwarf planet Eris to players where they can experience the powerful light of the Pulsars. The light from a Pulsar is so strong that it’ll create a temporary Distortion field, mimicking the fan favourite Distortion bonus level effect. Its light will also reveal nearby hidden objects, however, so although it creates a trippy experience it’s one that works in your favour!

Eris comes with 7 brand new levels that not only feature the Pulsar as a new object, but also include a new bonus mode: Reverse. In this mode, which is also featured in Eris’ Deep Space Mode, you’ll travel from right to left instead of left to right. Although a simple change, it turns the gameplay on its head to create a very fresh experience!

So with a new Deep Space Mode and 7 new levels featuring a new object and a new bonus level, you’d think the good news would stop there – but no! The best part of all is that this DLC is free for a limited time! As a thank-you to the Waveform community and our supportive fans, we’re releasing this DLC free for anyone that has purchased Waveform so far or purchases it anytime next week as a reward for being an early supporter of the game.

To celebrate the release of the DLC, we’ll also be hosting our third Leaderboard Challenge next week. This one will take place on Eris and challenge players to survive in Eris’ Deep Space Mode while the Reverse effect is active. The top 5 finishers on the leaderboard will receive a free Steam copy of the indie game Auditorium, which is a very special giveaway for us since Auditorium is one of the games that inspired me to make Waveform.

Ryan also dropped some very interesting trivia about the ideas behind this DLC, and how the Reverse mode is related to Miyamoto and Nintendo in general:

You may be interested to know that the development of the content for Eris was inspired by Nintendo. The Pulsar was created as an homage to the Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy level in Yoshi’s Island in which the screen became a trippy, distorted mess after touching a fuzz ball. Interestingly, the Pulsar was added into Waveform a long time ago, but somehow never made it into the game. The Distortion effect it causes did appear as a bonus level though, but the Pulsar itself remained absent. So we wanted to rectify that through the release of this DLC. The Reverse effect was also inspired by Nintendo, although this time through my professional relationship with them. While working on Luigi’s Mansion 2, Miyamoto would often tell us to reward players for “going left”, a reference to the number of bonus items he included in Mario 3 that were accessible only by heading left from a level’s starting point, an action he wanted to reward due to not being able to do this in the original Super Mario Bros. Since in the base game of Waveform it’s also impossible to go left, I decided to theme a bonus level around Miyamoto’s advice. And so the Reverse mode, and indeed the entirety of Eris’ Deep Space Mode, was born!

Stay tuned for the Waveform DLC's release.

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