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Throwback Thursday: The Gameboy

MJ2Za9Vhm3ef6rwwGrhEG9Qb_500 I've always had a love affair with handhelds. I would like to think it’s the allure of bringing your gaming anytime and anywhere. I'm sure we've all had moments of sitting in a doctor’s office, waiting  to be called. Or times when you're in a long plane ride and the in-flight movie sucks, but you really need to pass the time. Your only salvation from stepping into madness was powering on that handheld device of yours and losing yourself in the game until the flight attendant announces that the plane is on its final approach and all electronic devices must be turned off.

I was a very fortunate boy to be able to travel around the globe at such a young age. When my mom told me that we were going for a tour of Europe during one of our summer breaks, I was pretty excited and also terrified that I might be bored out of my mind on that 14 hour plane ride. At that time I already had a Gameboy, but my game collection was limited to Tetris and Super Mario Land, both games that required patience and resilience, which at 10 years old, I really did not have. Thankfully, my cousin, who was generous enough to lend me his Gameboy Carry-All set and a number of games, came to my rescue. I will be forever grateful for his goodwill and generosity.

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The Gameboy Portable Carry-All, to my young eyes, was like the Lost Ark (except it didn’t melt your face when you opened it). It could hold and carry a very important accessory called the Lightboy. It magnified and lit up your screen for low-light situations, such as an airplane cabin. And of course, most important of all the Carry-All could hold a couple of games and keep your Gameboy locked and secured when you’re travelling about. It was the perfect traveling kit for any would-be globe trotting gamer and I was grateful to have it with me.


When we traveled abroad, we had to go through with countless plane rides and layovers, riding in train cars and waiting on train platforms and of course long car rides. My Gameboy kit kept me company in the dullest of times and I would shift from winning races and drifting around the track in Super R.C. Pro-Am or going on an adventure and hopping in and out of my vehicle in Blaster Master. I vaguely remember the sights (forgive me I was 10), and in addition to those sights I can remember such as the Louvre and actually seeing the Mona Lisa, or how afraid I was in the catacombs of Rome, I will always cherish seeing all these historical sights. But forever will I associate with my first time to Europe was my Gameboy and that magical grey colored plastic box that it came with and how it always kept me company.

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