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This Week on OMGeek: Knights of Pen and Paper, Gameboy 1989, and more great gaming videos

Last week flew by in a peaceful blur. At least it did for me. Welcome to the start of a new week! Here's what we have lined up.

Wideo Wednesday - Mike shares his favorite gaming videos. It's gonna be a surprise special, so check back here then! Expect some Battlefield 4, Saints Row IV, and more!

The OMGeek Podcast (Wednesday) - James, Jayvee, Jed, and Mike talk about Player vs. Character: When You Play a Game, Who are You? It's an interesting discussion involving big and small games alike, so be here on Wednesday to grab the latest episode.

Throwback Thursday - James talks about the original Gameboy!

Portable Perks (Friday) - James comes back to tell us about Knights of Pen and Paper, an RPG where you play players playing an RPG! I know! I'm excited too!

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