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This Week on OMGeek: Cooperative games, kids, snakes on a handheld

So. How much have you dropped on the Steam sale so far? We're got one more week of wallet-busting to go -- and another week of great OMGeek content!

Wideo Wednesday - Mike shares yet another set of new and interesting game videos for you to watch.

The OMGeek Podcast (Wednesday) - Episode 4's topic is Next Gen Gaming for the Next Gen. What's up with all the technology in gaming today, and how is it going to change the way that kids will discover gaming? Be here on Wednesday to download the podcast!

Throwback Thursday - James writes about his first cooperative gaming experience. I hope it involves a lot of screaming and smacking of heads.

Portable Perks (Friday) - James takes back the reins of Portable Perks to write and rant about the ultimate console experience on a portable: Metal Gear Solid 3 HD Edition on the Playstation Vita.

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