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 A videogame community for grown-ups in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia.

This Sunday is Community Day

As in OMGeek community, of course. One day. Three games. Two men enter. Then one more. Then a serverfull more. And they don't leave until it's all over. This Sunday, we're holding events for three different games, back to back to back! Here's a rundown of each game (times are in GMT +8):

    • 2 pm: ArmA II

      More tense milsim action! On Sunday, we'll be testing the Domination map edited for OMGeek by Frez.

    • 5 pm: Battlefield 3

      Bring back the magic of 2011 as we ride back to, well, all those places we blew up and tore apart last year.

    • 8 pm: Minecraft

      We found the mountain and tamed the land and made elevators and chicken roasters. Now it's time to fix up our cluttered tunnels and build ourselves some houses.

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