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The State of OMGeek

[OMGk] Not-so-ninja update: Fragnetics released its server pricing for BF3 soon after I published this post. I had to close the tab upon seeing the astronomical pricing to avoid an acute aneurysm. I'm very disappointed. Go on. Click on the link. I'll make it open in a new tab for you.

Rest assured that nothing will stop the OMGeek Battlefield 3 server from going live. We're working on a solution at this very moment.


It's serious time, gamingfriends, and as you can see, I have my poker face on. Today, we're not going to talk about time travel, mutant penguins, or lesbian mermaids. Today, I'm going to share some things about OMGeek, our community, and the direction we plan to go in the future. Mike did a post about the state of gaming in Southeast Asia yesterday. Now, we're switching objective lenses and zooming in to see just the OMGeek side of things.

Farewell, Sweet Princes You might have noticed that we have dropped the Red Orchestra 2 server. We're also closing down our Terraria server very soon. The reason is simple and quite obvious, really: no one has been playing these games. There's just not enough demand for them. We also want to make way for the games that we ourselves want to play: Minecraft and the mighty Battlefield 3. We'll bring Terraria back if there's enough demand for the game. We did listen to you guys about Minecraft and its many virtues.

I'm not saying that we're forgetting all about Red Orchestra 2 altogether! Surely, RO2 vets will know the infinite satisfaction of shooting Fritz in the nuts. Provided that we can get a sizeable group organized for a game, we can still play online. continues to host Red Orchestra 2.

I will be Advising You Now Battlefield 3 is still coming out, last I checked. We will be hosting a server for it, no question, but there's still the issue of from whom. We'll be very transparent with this, as we are with all things. Fragnetics is our most likely choice. The only thing holding us back is their elusive server pricing for Battlefield 3, which up to the time of this writing still hasn't been released.

Now, Look to the Right, and Scroll Up a Little Yes, we have started placing ads on the site. A project like Omgeek doesn't come cheap, and we've been paying out of our own pockets to support the site and the servers. Omgeek is a Labor of Love! A little revenue-generating service helps a lot to recoup [some of] our losses and continue to provide a quality community and gaming experience for everyone.

No, we haven't "sold out". And I'm not quite sure if we've sold in, either. Uhh, what was the question, again?

We Welcome Your Help If, out of the kindness of your heart, you'd like to show your support to OMGeek, we are accepting donations! There's a big orange button under the words "Support OMGeek" over there on the right. There's no obligation, no minimum amount, and no begging. Give if you like what we're doing. We will be very grateful.

Donations aren't the only way to help, however. The easiest and arguably the best way to help the community is to spread the word. Tell your gamer friends about OMGeek, and tell them to tell their gamer friends to check us out too. Tell your girlfriend. Tell your grandma. Any level-headed individual who appreciates pc games is welcome in the OMGeek community.

We'd also appreciate some feedback about the articles we've been putting out. What kinds of articles do you enjoy? Which ones did you hate? Do you want to propose to ban me from using keyboards forever? We'll listen and respond to all your thoughts.

Finally, here's one last request for all of you who wish to show your support: turn off your ad-blocker. We only get paid if people see and read the ads. We try our best to monitor the types of ads that we host so that they will always be appropriate and interesting to you, so don't worry! This is a tiny gesture of support that anyone can do, and it goes a long way.

And That's All She Wrote I'll get off my soapbox for now, but I hope you learned a little something about the stuff going on inside OMGeek today. Hey, read our About page if you can spare a couple more minutes. Thanks for your attention, everyone. I shall get back to those lesbian mermaids very soon.

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