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The OMGeek Battlefield 3 server has moved

Babumbum-badum dum babumbum-badum dum [Obligatory and stale be advised joke here]

Listen up ye 'orrible lot! Re-orient your clients to the following Battlelog URL:

Our new GSP is Hypernia, and the server is still located in Singapore. You can find more detailed info about the game server in this forum post.

Game modes: Conquest with a dash of Rush

Map list:

    • Grand Bazaar
    • Teheran Highway
    • Caspian Border
    • Seine Crossing
    • Operation Firestorm
    • Damavand Peak
    • Noshahr Canals
    • Kharg Island
    • Operation Metro
    • Strike at Karkand
    • Sharqi Peninsula
    • Wake Island
    • Gulf of Oman

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