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The Monday AAR: Varmints!

Happy last Monday of the month, everyone! I think you'll agree that we've had a busy month of ArmA II and Minecraft, among other games. I haven't been playing as much as you guys have and I'm still exhausted!

Maybe it's just the heat.

So. The events of last week:

    • The ArmA II server is getting the ACE mod installed due to popular demand. Prepare to experience a whole new level of immersion and realism! I don't know where this ultra-realism mod stands when shooting yourself in the foot is concerned, but there is midair refuelling in there. I don't know what kind of mission would last long enough (and what kind of pilot would last long enough, for that matter!) to require an air-to-air refuelling session, but there you go. Brace yourselves!

    • Minecraft! Walls! Boundaries! Towns! Bridges! Moats! Giant warehouses! German castles! I really can't discuss all the exciting stuff happening in our server right now without taking all day, so drop by our chatroom and visit the Minecraft server. We're juggling several projects at once, and it's gonna take me a few more days to sort it all out and make everything nice and organized. Expect a pictorial recap sometime this week!

    • Some time ago, we held a contest for a free copy of Waveform. We hit a few unexpected snags, but we're ready to announce who the big winner is! Stay tuned!

    • INQUE led some of the OMGeeks into the Guild Wars 2 beta event this weekend, and he has some war stories to share with us. He's still putting everything into writing at the moment, so I'll just share some in-game screenshots he took in the meantime. View the screenshots here!

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