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The Monday AAR: There Was an Error.

I don't want to admit it, but I've starting writing this anyway so I will: I've been running out of things to say to open our weekly AAR. This week shall be different, though; this is The Week After Diablo 3 and I do have some things to say about it. I can be cool and say I hate it, or I can be a casual sheep and say I love it, but I really can't tell which camp I'm leaning towards because error 3007 is in the way.

It's a really nice log-in screen though. I'm just thankful that I'm running the game with a Guest Pass because I heard that the log-in screen in the full game looks exactly the same and sounds exactly the same. I'll just be having just as much fun with my free log-in screen, thank you very much. In fact, I spent two hours yesterday just having fun in the log-in screen.

Yeah, that joke is on its way to becoming stale and I am ashamed of myself! Here's what's been happening:

    • The raffle for a Steam copy of Wargame: European Escalation is happening today. If you're interested in joining, there's still a few hours to go before we draw! Wargame has always been a good game by any standards, but the game has recently been improved by the addition of cooperative comp stomp. It's the perfect game for the aspiring armchair general who's up for some games with aspiring armchair colonels and aspiring rear admirals.

    • You don't need me to tell you that ArmA II madness continues to sweep the OMGeek community. Now some players have taken it one step further: Matrix374 has created a post chronicling his DayZ survival experience with Jet, Ryan, and Gunso. The thread is an open invitation for all members of OMGeek to join in, so if you've been wanting to give DayZ a spin but you're afraid of getting cornered and gang-raped by a roving gang of sadistic upper-class teenage bandits out for some thrills, you need not fear any, uh, further. Check out the thread and sign up!

    • Do you like Minecraft? Yeah, you do. We've made some interesting improvements to our town, including a big (but not ridiculously huge) sandstone wall and an automatic resource transferring system thanks to the Minecart Revolution plugin. It's like sending an email, except the other side actually gets stuff. And that stuff gets turned into a wall. Or a door. Or a dinosaur!

      Feel free to check out the Minecraft server to see what we've been up to, and stay tuned for an announcement concerning our regular Minecraft community game schedule. Visit the community projects thread, too!

And now, back to playing that log-in screen. I just couldn't keep myself away for five minutes. It's just that good.

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