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The Monday AAR: Some reminders

Good day, mentlegen. Today has been a very strange day; the sun has gone from bright to ominously dark and back to bright at least twice now, there have been sporadic rains throughout the day, and the power has gone out once, albeit just for a few seconds full of panicked, girlish screaming.

The latter did not come from any of us, rest assured.

I'm unable to provide an accurate recap of last week's events because I was sleeping off a slight fever yesterday, but we do have some announcements and reminders for you:

    • OMGeek's complete and total switch from Mumble to TeamSpeak as the medium for voice communication is happening on June 1, 2012, which isn't so far off now. Be sure you have your clients ready by then. Refer to this thread for the connection details.

    • Operation: Rogue Thunder has been announced! The details are forthcoming, but be advised that it's happening soon, and more orders will be posted in this thread. In the meantime, training sessions are being carried out regularly to prepare us for this epic undertaking.

    • It's been a long, long time since we've played Minecraft for an extended period, and I apologize for that. To make up for it (and to inspect the changes that have happened since our last big game), we're holding a Minecraft session this Wednesday evening! The fun starts at eight, so be in the chatroom by then!

    • And now for something completely different: relevant impending game release news. Ghost Recon Future Soldier has garnered some impressive reviews all over the web, and although Ubi has seen it fit to treat us like second class citizens once again by pushing back the release date for the PC version of the title, June 15 isn't that far off now. There's a discussion thread about the game up in the forums, so why don't you chime in if you're excited about invisibility and toy-like UAVs and shooting in sync like you were all in a musical about rival nations and true love?

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