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The Monday AAR: Rogue Thunder news, some block talk, some lordly talk

Happy Monday, everyone! I'll just be updating you on what's been happening with the community this past week. Games got played and things meant to explode got exploded, naturally, but off the record, I also spent a good amount of time appeasing my nephew with playing Lego Harry Potter (Years 1-4) with my nephew. Harry is officially shit tier because he apparently never learns how to cast the Riddikulus spell in year 3. Yeah. And Hermione just got a huge level up with Crookshanks, who can dig stuff up just like Hagrid's dog does. That's pretty awesome stuff.


    • It looks like Operation: Rogue Thunder has concluded ahead of schedule! Congratulations and thank you to all the players who participated in the extended operation. Further details shall be released by INQUE soon, so stand by for a proper debriefing, souljah!

    • I know I haven't been holding regular Minecraft games lately, and I apologize. The server itself is still alive and well, however. I may be too tied up to play Minecraft some evenings in the coming days, but please remember that our server is open to all decent folk who will abide by the rules of common sense and decency. Bring your Minecraft-playing friends and family to play! I'll make up for the lost time once I'm able.

    • Four of us recently played a short game of Crusader Kings II, and we had a blast. We had little idea of what we were doing, and the game ended with my troops decimated by the army of my own vassal, but it was great fun and we would play it again. Check out our CKII thread here if you're even remotely interested!

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