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The Monday AAR: Minecraft Edition

Happy April the 16th, gamerfriends, and happy Monday! We come to you today with quite a bit of news -- including, of course, the triumphant launch of OMGeek's new Minecraft server with Minecraft: Beginnings.

But we'll get to that later. Here's what's been happening this past week.

    • Battlefield 3: how long as it been since you guys have last been... advised? You know, properly advised, as in Be Advised. Hasn't it been a while since we charged headlong into an up-close-and-dirty firefight while fielding all sorts of toys, from tanks, to amphibians, to attack helicopters, to jets? Do you remember that time when we held that 1000 ticket game and we turned Caspian Border's forest (point C) into a bright, sun-lit clearing? That was awesome.

      What I'm trying to say is that we miss BF3. Mike made a thread here about his concerns about the game and our server. If you're up for a game soon, leave a message so he can get something organized.

    • ArmA II: Meanwhile, ArmA games will still be proceeding as usual, so rest assured that you'll be getting your regular fix of hardcore military simulation. Be here Tuesday and Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons to take part in OMGeek's ongoing operations!

    • Tribes: Ascend: How do you guys feel about this game? We've been talking about having a Tribes session one of these days, and a lot of OMGeeks have gone ahead and downloaded the game. Are you up for a game soon? Chime in!

    • Minecraft: In Minecraft news, of course, things have picked up rather suddenly and pleasantly in OMGeekland. Yesterdays event, called Minecraft: Beginnings, took us from a blinding snowstorm in the woods, to the depths of a natural cave filled with lava, through a desert, up a mountain, and into a dense jungle, where we finally settled down and began work on a proper town hall.

      We have a diving board too. Jumping down into a lagoon from a mountaintop is tons of fun!

      I'll bore you all with the details later, but before anything else, I'd like to thank everyone who joined in and contributed to our eventual colonization. Quite a handful of you were there and I'd hate to miss anyone, so I'll just say you know who you are. 8) Thanks, guys, and we'll see each other soon as we develop the world further!

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