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The Monday AAR - Minecraft!!!

But wait. It's Tuesday. We just got caught up in all the vacation spirit and, of course, in the glorious aftermath of Extended Operation Solstice Striker. Let's talk about that first, shall we?

    • Some might say that Solstice Striker was a bit too successful, and depending on how you look at it, they may be right. The four-day op was successfully completed by the Southeast Asia Joint Task Force (SEA-JTF) in just two days! No one can deny that it was tons of fun, however. INQUE has a more detailed AAR of the op's events here (in which I let loose with a salute while holding the enemy's flag). I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who participated and made the event a tremendous success!

    • The big news this week is Minecraft! We'll be releasing some announcements about the server throughout the week, all culminating on our grand server opening day on April 15, 2012. I have put up a suggestion thread here, where you can share and discuss your own thoughts and suggestions about what we should have in the server.

      As our banner suggests, the server's opening will also herald our first ever Minecraft community event! Beginnings will see us through scoping out the wilderness, surviving by hiding in mud huts, pulverizing tree trunks with our bare fists, and ultimately founding our first town hall: a central hub of the community, where everybody knows your name. Warm fuzzy feelings all over, and all that. Stay tuned, everybody!

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