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The Monday AAR: Just a few setbacks

Happy May Monday, mentlegen! Just dropping off a couple of community updates here. This past weekend, we've seen a pleasant drop in temperature, and I do think I was in a better mood all throughout. So yeah, my weekend was great. How was yours?

    • ArmA II players need not be asked how their weekend was, because they spent the past two days campaigning in sunny and dry Takistan. That's all weekend, if you needed any clarification. If you haven't joined in yet, visit this thread and see how you can take part in our operations!

      The OMGeek ArmA II server uses the ACE mod, among other useful mods, and we're planning to implement ACRE as well. Please visit our Steam chatroom if you have any questions. Our battle-hardened, sunburned regulars will be happy to assist you.

    • The Minecraft server is still undergoing repairs to fix the lag problem, unfortunately. It's out of our hands at this point, so all we can do is to ask for your patience in this matter. Stick around, because we're planning a new event for when the server is up and running error-free again! We will post any updates here.

    • The Minecraft naming contest has had some very good (and very interesting) entries. We've decided to postpone choosing a winner from the current entries until the server's problem is fixed, just so we can resume our digging, building, crafting, mining, planting, farming, exploring, swimming, redecorating, terraforming, extra-dimensional campaigning, and tree-punching with a huge, eventful bang! Stay tuned for updates!

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