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The Monday AAR - It Still Feels like Monday

Why does the game insist on calling it "Forest" when American and Russian weapons of mass destruction have turned it into a clearing? Truly a mystery for the ages.

Yesterday was the first time I've seen Caspian Border's point C--Forest--fully bathed in sunlight, its tree canopy blown away into last century by a non-stop barrage of tank shells, mortars, chopper strafing runs, and god knows what else that goes boom. What I've learned? The 1000-ticket setting leads to deforestation.

Here's what happened last week.

    • Operation Dragon Black was a success of the prolonged, edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting kind. Each 1k ticket map we played took an hour on average, and with a longer playing time and more wiggle room to strategize and take back lost ground en masse, the games we played turned into fierce territorial disputes for premium ground like Caspian Border's hilltop. By the time we were finished, not a tree or building [that was designed to collapse] had been left standing in the area. All we needed to cap it off with style was some guy stumbling into the suddenly-bright sunlight yelling "Madness! Madness! Madness!"

      Many thanks to everyone who showed up to participate! We had tons of fun during the op, and we hope you did, too. Be here every Sunday afternoon for our regularly scheduled BF3 Skirmish Sunday!

    • OMGeek is now hosting Evochron Mercenary! We still have a few kinks to iron out on the server, so we strongly suggest that you drop by our chatroom or leave a post in the forums if you encounter any problems.

      Evochron Mercenary is a huge sandbox game that channels all the best bits of last decade's Privateer, or the even older Elite. Each player takes on the role of a pilot out to make a mark on the great big galaxy...and that's it. The game is wide open, whether you'd like to mine for minerals, serve as an interstellar bodyguard, or participate in a few starship races. You can even create your own space stations in space, although I haven't gotten that far with my character yet. If you're even remotely interested in space sims, check it out!

    • Another warm welcome to all the new OMGeeks who joined up recently! If you've been posting or hanging around in the chatroom, chances are we know you already. Thanks for joining our growing community. We look forward to playing some games with you!

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