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The Monday AAR - In My Mind, it is Still Monday

This public service comes to you a day late due to some busywork on my part. Also, I've been feeling listless and cranky and unable to drum up any gaming enthusiasm for the past two weeks. Maybe it's the sudden change in the weather, or maybe it's because I just haven't been taking my vitamins. Those things are good for ya.

Or maybe it's because Minecraft has been missing from our lives for the better part of those two weeks. That drought is over, at least, and I've started taking my vitamins again. Now my body has agreed to agree with me once more.

Here's the latest in OMGeek news:

    • You've probably heard -- and seen for yourself -- that our ArmA II server now runs with the ACE and ACRE mods. This means that the game now models things a bit more realistically than the already-realistic vanilla ArmA, and that your radio transmissions are now more likely to break up in static when you're transmitting from inside a two-meter-deep hobbit hole ten kilometers away from the nearest friendly unit. We have a discussion thread for mission suggestions up in here. If you're interested in ArmA, we welcome your input.

      INQUE will have the latest on the ArmA group's latest foray into the perpetually war-torn Takistan in his AAR, soon to be posted here. Those poor Takistani children.

    • Minecraft is indeed back, and to celebrate, we're having an event tomorrow night, which is Wednesday the sixteenth. Be in the chatroom at 8 pm (GMT +8), and get ready to return to our newly-named world of Geekteria, where things have been the way we left them before the Great Lag of 2012 reared its ugly head. We be minin', and diggin', and buildin' walls and warehouses and all that mon. See you there!

    • Blitzio has posted up a new thread asking the community all about cooperative games -- which ones you're currently enjoying, and which ones you consider to be your favorites. Maybe you like a coop game that no one's ever heard about, or you're interested in getting into a pick-up game of whatever's already been mentioned in the thread. I know there's been some kind of renewed interest in Company of Heroes lately. I want in.

      Share your own coop experiences with us. Join in the discussion!

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