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The Monday AAR: Gaining Speed

We've had another fast-moving week at OMGeek -- a good amount of [exclusive!] game coverage, lots of discussion in the forums, and of course, frequent running, riding in helicopters, and shooting at tiny 2mm-tall insurgents in the distance. Because that's how we traverse by revolving on an axis with a circular object. I'm sorry. I'm having trouble concentrating right now.

The events of the past week:

    • Last week, OMGeek's second ever game review saw the light of day! We tried something new with the Waveform review, incorporating all our thoughts and impressions about the game into one explosion of gamer opinion. I think it worked out nicely. For the most part. Regardless, Waveform remains an awesome game. Find out why.

    • We also trained the spotlight on indie developer Serellan LLC, its founder, Christian Allen, and its Kickstarter project, the crowdsourced hardcore tactical shooter. We weren't so taken by just that description alone, so we conducted an short interview with Christian to flesh out some of the game's vaguer aspects.

    • The ArmA II madness continues, and frankly, it shows no signs of letting up! INQUE is hard at work composing an AAR for last night's ArmA II game, so stay tuned for that.

    • OMGeek contributor psycrow117 also shows no signs of letting up, having posted numerous articles on various indie bundles here, here, here, and here.

    • Finally, we would like to remind everyone that Minecraft is still happening soon! If, sometimes, you wake up in the morning (or the afternoon) and realize that you have missed the joyful futility of punching stone walls, we've got you covered. Hang around for future announcements.

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