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The Monday AAR: Community Edition

Happy Monday, and all that.

Frankly, I can't say much about what's been happening this past week. I've just been playing Minecraft. And the Diablo III beta. And a little bit of Grimrock. Not much; it really has become too hot to game for hours on end.

Let's do a recap, anyway:

    • All went well on the ArmA front, I have been told. I presume without taking down the details that the SEA-JTF met up at a military base, boarded a transport vehicle of some kind, talked at length while looking at a map, ran across some dirt, and killed a handful of gun-wielding locals -- all of this with style. Yes: looks like we have made the world safe for democracy for yet another week. Throw up that salute, you disrespectful twit!

      INQUE also specifically requested that I mention how "Gunso and Fong went GTA on some Takistan insurgents [in an IFV]", so there you go!

    • Minecraft, then. We've been steadily expanding outwards from our initial top-secret mountaintop base of operations, and we've got all sorts of cool gadgets to facilitate this expansion: elevators, train, log jam rides, you name it. Everytime I enter the server, someone's left something cool and clever for everyone else to mess with.

      We've also begun a nice residential area somewhere southwest of the mountain beside a winding river. There's a central tower there for manly-I-was-here purposes, but soon we'll get to work building our houses. There's also a portal to the nether on top of the tower, but we'll get to that. Eventually.

      In the meantime, stay tuned for my Minecraft community update!

    • A bit of sad news: the Battlefield 3 game never really took off due to a lack of players. A handful of OMGeeks were present in the server during the prescribed time, but no one else entered to populate it. We may be looking at an excess of available BF3 servers as the players decrease (to play other games) and the number of servers increase or remain the same.

      We'll have more on this concern in the coming days.

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