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The Monday AAR: A More Hardcore Way of Life

Happy week of February 20, gamerfriends! 2012 continues to plod along at a very relaxed pace, if you ask me; nothing major or earth-shattering, although the announcement that Transformers: Fall of Cybertron isn't going to get a PC release made my world crumble for a split-second or two.


Anyway, to business.

    • We're trying something new with the OMGeek Battlefield 3 server: hardcore mode! I personally wasn't around to try it out during last night's Skirmish Sunday, but if you liked it (or hated it), share your thoughts with the community. Was it tense? Did you find yourself humping the ground more often than you thought was comfortable? Did you like it?

    • OMGeek's review of The Book of Unwritten Tales is now up for your perusal and consideration. I wrote 2,000 words about the game in that article, so I won't bother with any side comments now. Spoiler: it's good. The game, not the review. Check it out!

    • Minecraft players, be ready for another big update concerning the OMGeek server soon! We be punching trees again in no time. We be punching grass. We be punching dirt. You be punching stone, if you like, but you make sure to let me know so I can hang around and watch when I've got nothing better to do.

That's it for now, but be assured that this isn't over. NOT FOR CYBERTRON. NOT FOR ALL SENTIENT BEINGS.

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