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Heroes & Generals

I've seen this game on forum threads and r/gaming several days ago. I guess I need to let everyone know this new game, It's Heroes & Generals, a Free2Play MMOFPS World War 2 game that is currently being developed by Reto-Moto. [youtube_sc url=""]

There are two parts of the game, the action game and the campaign. The action game is where you play the game as a hero meaning it's all FPS. Meanwhilem in the campaign, a general can control assault teams where he can assign missions to conquer cities, airfields, factories and other important strategic points in order to get supplies. Every kill in the action game is reflected in the campaign.

The Heroes will be the deciding factor on who will win the war. The Heroes will look to their Generals to send them the needed reinforcements and supplies that they need to win those important strategic battles.

I'm still surprised by this game since I haven't played any WW2 FPS game for years and this game is pretty big. To know more about the game, watch the following videos or check the FAQ.

Warning! These videos are from the current alpha.

[youtube_sc url=""]

[youtube_sc url=""]

[youtube_sc url=""]

[youtube_sc url=""]

Who wants to ride a bike? I'm sure a lot of you guys really like this kind of game. It's like Risk + Battlefield 1942. You may get the alpha keys (if you're lucky) by enlisting here. I really really really really hope that they will provide a server here in Asia.


*All videos, screenshots & information are from the official website of Heroes & Generals.

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