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The Monday AAR - It's Angry Falcon Week

No F-16s though. Sorry. What we do have is a gigantic slog through a gauntlet of military-type tasks like making men die with bullets and making important things explode with bombs. Operation Falcon Fury happens this weekend!

Read on for more about what's been happening at OMGeek.

    • Operation Falcon Fury is a protracted-engagement ArmA II session which starts at 2 pm (GMT +8) on Sunday, March 18, and goes on until all the objectives have been met. Enlist yourself here! INQUE has listed down all the available roles you can play for the event. Get ready to run, ride, drive, fly, jump, crawl, peek, and gently pat the bodies of bleeding teammates until they roll over and start shooting bad guys again.

    • OMGeek regular jedi304 joined our writing staff last week, so say hi! He'll be focusing on hardware-related articles and reviews, which should round out our content nicely.

    • He's been keeping busy, too! For his first OMGeek review, jedi304 took a look at the Thermaltake Meka G1, a mechanical keyboard designed for gaming. Read the review here.

    • DICE recently announced that Battlefield 3 will be expanded, and not once or twice but three times this year! This June, we're getting Close Quarters, which is all about shooting up bad guys in close quarters, as you may have gathered. Armored Kill (shooting up bad guys in tanks) and End Game (shooting up bad guys in mysterious ways) are the next two expansions, and will follow soon after.

    • World of Tanks has opened its Southeast Asian servers for us, the people who are coincidentally located in Southeast Asia! This, of course, means more epic tank battles, more seat-of-your-pants toe-to-toe confrontations, and more guys saying "ffs cap" in team chat. Joy!

    • I've been posting excitedly in this XCom thread in the forums, because if I keep all this excitement inside me, I may burst from all the pressure into a fine liquefied mist, much like how the cows must end up after they spend a night or two at the bovine processing facility in Cydonia. XCom, guys! XCom!

    • Lastly, OMGeek member LYH just put up a thread here about the soon-to-be-Kickstartered Wasteland 2, the sequel of a game which no one born past 1990 has probably played. I probably played it for a grand total of 30 minutes before I gave up and went back to Ultima Underworld, but if a sequel to Fallout's spiritual predecessor is in the works, I'm paying attention.

World of Tanks Southeast Asian Servers Open

Pop quiz! Which of the following appeals to you the most?

    1. Parking behind giant rocks or inside bushes
    2. Noisy diesel engines
    3. Running over clotheslines
    4. Driving in a circle around a pile of boxes

Obviously, all of these answers are valid. A much more valid answer would be E. All of the above. If none of these appeal to you, you probably haven't experienced the joy of's World of Tanks yet. If you live in Southeast Asia, you're in luck; it's now easier than ever to get into my absolute personal favorite free-to-play game. World of Tanks has just opened its Southeast Asian servers!

Visit the World of Tanks Southeast Asia site to get started. The servers are currently in open beta to test load capacity and patching and other technical things. was kind enough to list down the following perks for players who participate in the open beta:

    • Register and reserve your in game name!
    • All XP and achievements earned in open beta will be transferred to official launch servers (subject to change)
    • Daily gold bonus for all players during open beta

Sounds good enough to me. Let's go!

The Late Monday AAR: It's Tuesday

Yeah, I know. Between an increased work load at my day job, a resumption of requests for my freelance animation work, and playing all the lovely games I got during the holidays with you guys, I haven't had much time to sit down and write about what's been going on. Let me rectify this now:

    • Battlefield 3 scheduled games resume - OMGeeks who were around last Sunday know this already. The mobilization for our weekly Battlefield 3 Skirmish Sunday is in full swing! We played our first match of 2012 last Sunday with a uniquely debilitating handicap: the OMGeek Mumble server picked the perfect time to go down right when the event started. Instead of piling into Steam chat or Battlelog party chat and clogging up the radio waves with everybody screaming into a single channel, we simply decided to go in mute.

      I was hoping for the online equivalent of a perfectly executed flash mob. If flash mobs consisted of mimes. With guns. And SOFLAMs and Javelins and fighter jets performing surgical strikes. What we got was a liiiitle bit less than that, but we did have fun, as always. Good game, guys, and be back next week when we all rediscover our vocal chords!

    • World of Tanks tank company begins to take shape - A handful of you have discovered the wonders and joys of driving around in a 50-year-old war machine and shooting gigantic hunks of metal at each other at fairly murderous velocities. Most of our current World of Tanks players are just beginning to go through the first three tank tiers, although some of us did have a little head start in the grind. Gentlemen, prepare to say goodbye to your cute little Cunninghams, MS-1s, and Leichttraktors as we proceed on up the ladder of Treaded Death Machines. With the latest update, you can now even be the proud owner of a French tank. French. Tank.

      If you still haven't joined us in our quest for, well, bigger tanks and bigger guns, please visit the World of Tanks thread in the forums to find out how you too can putter around in a metal coffin, flattening picket fences and low hedges like the Angel of Death that you truly are.

    • Hearts of Iron 3 recruitment very soon - Thanks to Paradox Interactive, you too can have the full Hitler finds out about experience as you watch your troops get ground into the dust because that dummkopf General Steiner was unable to mobilize his forces in time. Hearts of Iron 3 is a grand strategy game set in World War II which puts you in control of a nation of your choice and its military, economic, political, and technological development from the mid-30s to the late 40s.

      OMGeek is going to organize a grand strategy session very soon, and our Hearts of Iron 3 thread is open to anyone interested in learning, playing, and even teaching the game. We're all newbies here, about the embark upon the Great Crusade.

    • Hey! You! Get Serious! - Today is Raffle Announcement Day, and yes, we have announced what the raffle prize is going to be this month. If you can't see it yet, please take the time to hit the refresh key to load up the new banner. We'll still be here when you get back.

      Yes! It's Serious Sam 3: BFE! The raffle, as always, is our way of saying thanks to the generous OMGeeks who have gone out of their way to help support the community. Each supporter gets an entry (or two!) in the raffle. To find out how you can help support OMGeek, please visit the Support Us page.

2012 is going to be great year! Stick around because we have events and contents planned as the year progresses. Thanks, OMGeeks!

Monday AAR: The Last 2011 Post

Merry Christmas, everyone!

The last few days of the year continue to be laid-back and relaxed for the most part, at least as far as the OMGeek community is concerned. We've been playing some smaller games like Renegade Ops and Sins of a Solar Empire while trying our best to pretend that we're not pissing away the year's savings into the insidious money-chomping construct that is the Steam Christmas Sale.

Here's what's been happening this past week:

    • WOT WOT: We're organizing a World of Tanks group! In case you haven't played it yet, World of Tanks is a free to play match-based online game where you play a tank crew and go off into the hills or the mountains or the desert or the blinding winter with 14 other like-minded peers to reduce your opponents to scrap metal. Or to sneak around and capture their base, whichever happens first. It's a very polished melding of simulation and arcade action, and take it from me: it's quite an addictive experience. Show your intent to join up and we'll help you get started!
    • I don't need a han', I'll do it solo: Some OMGeeks are also getting organized in Star Wars: The Old Republic. I haven't had the time or the opportunity to check out the game for myself, but it looks like everyone's having fun. Personally, I think they should allow us to play droids and play out the entire game miraculously dodging blaster fire and solving logic problems with strange mechanized phallic devices. Or, you know, you can always go the HK-47 route. Make yourself known to our SWTOR group here!
    • The OMGeek Holiday Giveaway: Yesterday's winner has been announced here. If you're the guy indicated in the thread, we're still waiting for your reply. The clock is ticking!
    • Graphics vs. Aesthetics: This one is not-so-community-related but you could find it worth your time and attention. INQUE recently posted a link to a short cartoon that discusses graphics versus aesthetics in games, and why the distinction matters. Remember: a good idea can be creatively and attractively presented with inferior technology, but no amount of high tech will save a rotten concept.

Check back next week for our end-of-the-year report. Have a great final week of 2011!

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