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The Monday AAR: The Aftermath

Happy Monday, guys! A huge thank you to everyone who participated in Operation Falcon Fury! I think we really got into the spirit of the thing, even after all the crawling around and screaming and dying we all did once lead started peppering the air. At least we were wailing like men, and not like a whiny little brat, or a scared little girl, or Yoko Ono onstage at a Lennon/Clapton show.

Last week's notable events:

    • Operation Falcon Fury was technically a failure, of course, since we never completed the full fifteen missions required of us. But hey! Everyone had fun during the event. I also got to shoot a robed guy toting a machine gun while cowering behind some builders, I drove over a roadside IED at full speed (and obviously scattered my passengers all over the general area), I took some footage of grown men dancing around on the tarmac, and I blew up two radio towers with deadly explosives while screaming, "Fire in the hole!" all serious-like and professional. I'm sure the rest of you have even more memorable and more vivid memories of the op. We're currently putting together our screenshots and videos from the event, but we'll put up a special AAR for that very soon. Thanks for participating!

    • Waveform is due out on March 20, and we'll be ready with our review of the game by then! Read our preview here. If you haven't done so yet, ask a question about the game on this thread to get a chance to win a Steam copy of Waveform!

    • We posted some information about the pre-purchase and the release date and pricing of Guild Wars 2. We're totally planning to put together a guild, but we're gonna need a name. And some funny character avatar concepts. If we're lucky, they'll have hats.

    • In case you haven't noticed yet, the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter has been going strong and still continues to do so. It's currently at 1.3 million dollars with 29 days to go, so yeah, we'll be seeing the game in maybe two years or so.

    • Last but not least, how do you guys feel about playing some Battlefield 3 soon? Our server is getting neglected and frankly, running around, vaulting over fences, and then letting loose with rocket fire into the back of an unsuspecting tank is pretty damn satisfying. As long as you don't get shot by stray fire and die, you know. But even that would be satisfying if it looked cool enough. Who's up for some BF3 soon? Make yourselves known!

Kickstarter Campaign for Wasteland 2 is now open!

First it was Tim Schafer (Founder of Double Fine Productions). Then Christian Allen (Lead Designer of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2). Now, it's Brian Fargo, the founder of Interplay and also the founder of inXile Entertainment. He's just started a Kickstarter project for Wasteland 2.

Wasteland is a classic post-apocalyptic RPG which was an inspiration for the Fallout series. Right now they got 435 967 backers ($32,995 $63,901) and they need $900,000.00 to fund the sequel. We've still got 34 days to back it. If you want this game, support it now!

The Monday AAR - It's Angry Falcon Week

No F-16s though. Sorry. What we do have is a gigantic slog through a gauntlet of military-type tasks like making men die with bullets and making important things explode with bombs. Operation Falcon Fury happens this weekend!

Read on for more about what's been happening at OMGeek.

    • Operation Falcon Fury is a protracted-engagement ArmA II session which starts at 2 pm (GMT +8) on Sunday, March 18, and goes on until all the objectives have been met. Enlist yourself here! INQUE has listed down all the available roles you can play for the event. Get ready to run, ride, drive, fly, jump, crawl, peek, and gently pat the bodies of bleeding teammates until they roll over and start shooting bad guys again.

    • OMGeek regular jedi304 joined our writing staff last week, so say hi! He'll be focusing on hardware-related articles and reviews, which should round out our content nicely.

    • He's been keeping busy, too! For his first OMGeek review, jedi304 took a look at the Thermaltake Meka G1, a mechanical keyboard designed for gaming. Read the review here.

    • DICE recently announced that Battlefield 3 will be expanded, and not once or twice but three times this year! This June, we're getting Close Quarters, which is all about shooting up bad guys in close quarters, as you may have gathered. Armored Kill (shooting up bad guys in tanks) and End Game (shooting up bad guys in mysterious ways) are the next two expansions, and will follow soon after.

    • World of Tanks has opened its Southeast Asian servers for us, the people who are coincidentally located in Southeast Asia! This, of course, means more epic tank battles, more seat-of-your-pants toe-to-toe confrontations, and more guys saying "ffs cap" in team chat. Joy!

    • I've been posting excitedly in this XCom thread in the forums, because if I keep all this excitement inside me, I may burst from all the pressure into a fine liquefied mist, much like how the cows must end up after they spend a night or two at the bovine processing facility in Cydonia. XCom, guys! XCom!

    • Lastly, OMGeek member LYH just put up a thread here about the soon-to-be-Kickstartered Wasteland 2, the sequel of a game which no one born past 1990 has probably played. I probably played it for a grand total of 30 minutes before I gave up and went back to Ultima Underworld, but if a sequel to Fallout's spiritual predecessor is in the works, I'm paying attention.

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