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The Monday AAR: Tribal Disputes

First it was a minor little war over a small piece of land, and then it was a slightly bigger war that saw four counties change hands all at once. In the end, we were looking at the combined might of our Muslim neighbors, all banded together and eager to spill Christian blood all over northern Hispania. At that point, we noticed that Barcelona was already a Muslim emirate.

At that point, we figured we were screwed.

We had a good time playing Crusader Kings II last night, but that wasn't the only game the community has been playing of late. Here's a recap of this week's games:

    • I've noticed a lot of OMGeeks getting into Tribes: Ascend, and for good reason. I downloaded and installed the game just this weekend, and played an epic CTF game with INQUE last Saturday morning where our team went from a 1-4 score to a match win. I don't think I've felt such a rush of intensity from a sci-fi themed shooter since the Unreal Tournament 2004 demo came out almost a decade ago. Check it out if you haven't, and if you have, post in this thread so we can organize a game together!

    • We'll be going medieval again very soon in Crusader Kings II -- as soon as this evening, in fact! Chat us up in the Steam chat room or post in the forum thread to join the fun! If you have any well-informed ideas of a good region or dynasty for us to play, let us know. Spain feels just a tad too hot for a bunch of newcomers to the game.

    • Another game that has been making the rounds is the free to play FPS Blacklight: Retribution. I've only played the training mission where I learned that I can use the mouse to look at things and I can click it to shoot my gun, and the cyberpunk setting and general feel left quite a good taste in my mouth. We'll be focusing more on organizing Tribes games for now, but we'll be sure to give Blacklight a go one of these days. Share your thoughts on the game here!

    • The op may be complete, but the war continues! Be here for our regularly-scheduled ArmA II games on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

    • Lastly, I have good news for the Minecraft faithful: we will be organizing a new event to coincide with the release of the latest Minecraft update! Keep checking and keep asking about it: it's coming next month.

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