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Minecraft: Beginnings chapter 1

Minecraft: Beginnings - Being an Account of the Journey Undertook by a Few Brave Men, and What They Did when They Got There

Ahoy there, OMGeeks! In the aftermath of the highly entertaining Minecraft: Beginnings event yesterday, we thought it was appropriate to present a short visual journey through the key events that brought us to our current situation, which of course is settling on a tall jungle plateau with our town hall precariously overlooking a steep drop into a bright blue lagoon. Also, it faces east, like all awesome buildings should. We totally planned that. Totally.

Of course, if you were there, you'd know that our story actually begins in the far north. I'm very comfortable with letting loose with this tired old cliché because, well, it's the truth: it was a dark and stormy night...  

We entered our still-unnamed world in the midst of an evening snowstorm with almost zero visibility. It was all we could do to stumble around and call for each other as we formed small groups and got our bearings. I spotted INQUE standing around in the dark and we started gathering up from there.  

Left: Enhanced image of some of the initial explorers huddling together for solidarity.

Right: How it really looked like when we were there, huddling together for solidarity.  

It was good to see some familiar names and faces, even in the dark. Here we can be seen sheltering under a tree as the snowstorm raged around us.  

We did see an end to the storm eventually, and dawn broke out onto the silent, whitened landscape.  

After the sun came up, here's what I saw to the left of the little hill we decided to make a temporary settlement on.  

And here's what I saw to the right!  

As night rapidly fell once again, we hurriedly put up some walls to defend ourselves from wandering creatures and the rampaging undead. We also forgot to make a door. As civilized human beings, we weren't about to let that little setback slow us down. Here, we are seen performing a door-less alternative to the traditional door-enabled entry-exit process of the domicile. Civilization!  

Soon afterwards, this tree inexplicably burst into flames under highly mysterious circumstances. Spontaneous combustion? Or maybe someone was fooling around with his flint. Who knows? We'll never find out for certain.  

Early the following day, we set out for high adventure and exploration! Some of us went south and some of us went east to find the perfect spot for our settlement. It had to be high, relatively flat, and have a lot of resources accessible in its immediate vicinity.  

"I want to see mountains again. Mountains, Gandalf!"  

"And then find somewhere quiet where I can finish my book."  

We found a good spot indeed -- a dense jungle situated atop a tall mountain. After the signal was sent out, we gathered among the trees one by one and explored our general surroundings. We found a mess of tree trunks and leaves all over the top, but it was flat underneath.

On the east side of the mountain, there was a steep drop all the way down to a pleasantly-secluded lagoon. Here you can see us carefully making our way down the almost-vertical slope, but most of us eventually gave up and made a running leap into the water.

It was an immensely enjoyable drop (provided you jumped out far enough to avoid crashing into the dirt and rocks on the bank), and gave us an idea that would later make the diving board a reality.  

"I didn't do it!"  

But really, the mountaintop jungle had to go. We made the decision to clear it out rapidly by using flint and steel to set the trees on fire.

Soon, we had quite a blaze going on.

While some of us were busy setting fire to trees, the others were hard at work digging down into the earth via a tunnel we made from the base of the lagoon at sea level. They would soon bring up coal and precious metals for us to work with.  

psycrow117 was, of course, concerned at the repercussions of our mass destruction of nature.

"Don't upset Mother Nature, guys!"  

Night fell once again, and as the trees on the site slowly began to give way to the flat land underneath, we started to build our communal town hall.

Most of the miners still had their tools and materials in the cave by the lagoon, so going down and bringing it all back up was a problem. To slightly alleviate this (and make things more fun!), we constructed a diving board that allowed us to leap all the way down into the lagoon with a minimal chance of sudden death.


Someone wanted to clarify the purpose of this contraption, and included this helpful sign.  

The following morning came and went in a flurry of building and crafting and indoor farming. Once we had cleared enough to wall off a sizable chunk for our town hall, we went to work making it secure from The Others.  

Here's another mystery: who's the wise guy who thought this was such a funny idea?  

Soon, our indoor farm was in full swing, and the brave OMGeek explorers frequently stopped by the town hall to craft, resupply, and replenish their food stores. We got some doors and windows up too. Good things were finally starting to happen!  

Because it was so easy to get down from the town hall to the lagoon, we had to make an effort to make it almost as easy to get back up. A ladder made of vines was constructed on the cliff wall to facilitate climbing, and the path up marked clearly by a line of torches.  

Here, psycrow117 and INQUE are hard at work on the greenhouse that would eventually house a small tree farm beside the town hall. Note the meticulously placed glass blocks, painstakingly designed to be functional yet accommodating to nature; the wall of the greenhouse bends inwards to follow the natural contour of the mountain.  

The greenhouse interior with a few oak and birch trees planted. Good job!  

One of our last actions for the session was to establish a task board to give all the OMGeeks some guidance about what they should be doing next for the community. More complex and interesting tasks are planned soon, but this is Minecraft: Beginnings, and this is what Beginnings is all about!  

INQUE took this shot of the town hall complex after activating a HALO jump from the flagpole in our base. He was still in freefall as this happened, but he opened up at around 200 meters from ground level to gently glide down and onto the roof of the town hall, which is currently in the process of being made into a second floor.

This is where our story must end for now, but more adventure and more surprises await as we attempt to tame the surrounding wilds! We have a town hall and a renewable source of food and other vital resources, but we're still a bunch of people who built a shack on top of a mountain in the middle of a dense jungle. Be here next time for more Minecraft adventure! Thanks for reading, and thanks for participating in the event!

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