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Throwback Thursday: That Saturday morning feel

playing video games with friends Saturday mornings meant a lot to me back in the day. It meant that I was free to play video games all day long, because I was absolutely prohibited by my parents to play on weekdays. I would wake up earlier than I would have on a weekday, because I didn't want to waste my golden gaming time. I'd hurriedly go to the room where my console and PC were kept and excitedly flip the switches, crank the knobs to introduce life to my electronic friends. I would think for a moment and browse through my collection of games and once I picked out that cartridge or diskette, I would lose myself just playing. Next thing I knew, it was time for lunch and I had to go down -- grumpily I might say -- to hurriedly finish my food and continue my pixelated adventure. And then it would be time for dinner and soon after, for bed.

This steady cycle lost itself significantly when I was in high school where bedtime didn't really mean 9pm, but only because that quest or mission could now easily finish at around 2 or 3am. That youthful stamina! How I miss it! Nowadays, I could only take a maximum of 2 hours per gaming session. More than that and I would start to get cranky or my wife will start giving me the evil eye and nag me that I’m spending too much time in front of the computer again.


Saturday mornings meant the start of gaming freedom. Nobody can tell you what you can or can't do. You can go wild and play that game of Elevator Action for the umpteenth time and no one is going to judge you since it is, well, a Saturday morning.


Now being 30 something years old, I still go into my Saturday mornings bright eyed and excited -- excited to spend more time with my wife to go that movie date that we planned a few days before and to enjoy her company. And if she is the mood, we'd build our cities together in SimCity or level up our characters in Torchlight 2. God I still love my Saturday mornings!

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