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Minecraft Beginnings: About task lists

Mentlegen! We're still hard at work getting the Minecraft server up and running with all the relevant mods, so in the meantime, I'll discuss something that we've been planning to implement for a while now.

Unless you have the attention span of a petrified squirrel, the interest level of the undirected Minecraft experience is decidedly a steep downward curve, with the drop happening soon after you've made a safe home for yourself, with some resource generators, a nice farm, and a room with a view. Everything's peachy, so what's next?

Task lists! No, not tax lists.

We will be introducing task lists in the new server to address this impending boredom when the new server goes live. These tasks will range from gathering a certain type of resource to bolster the community's stores, to building outrageous structures within some set parameters for people to admire and enjoy. A list of current tasks will always be found at the town hall -- once that gets built, of course. It's all in everybody's hands.

Be sure to take part in Beginnings, happening this Sunday at the OMGeek Minecraft server! Stay tuned for more details.

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