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The Monday AAR: Victoly!

Hi there, gamerfriends! Welcome once again to the wild and wonderful world of the Monday AAR, where we pick up the box that was last week, turn it over, and give it a good hard shake.

Here's what's been happening this past week:

    • In case you haven't heard yet, get ready for some good news, and this isn't some lame April Fools prank. Serellan's Kickstarter made its 200,000 USD goal! Takedown is actually happening. We put up an interview about it very recently -- right about the time the team decided to refresh their Kickstarter page. It seems like it was a good idea, after all. The PC gaming community should be glad.

    • Ryan Vandendyck of Waveform fame recently participated in a Waveform promotion held at the OMGeek forums, and graciously answered some questions from our OMGeek members. You can find the questions and his answers here in this post. Thanks, Ryan!

    • I wasn't around for last night's ArmA II game, but I heard it had some very cool moments like when the team successfully ambushed a convoy by laying down a few mines and hiding by the roadside. Isn't that cool? I think that's cool. Last night was actually the dry run for this coming weekend's big extended operation, so I hope all the participants are ready.

    • We've moved our Battlefield 3 server! Check this link for more details.

The Takedown Kickstarter: 4 days to go!

There's hope for the hardcore yet. The Kickstarter for Serellan's tactical shooter Takedown is now at 106,000 USD! Obviously the rebooted page info has had a lot to do with this renewed interest.

Here's a rundown of some of Takedown's newly-announced features:

    • Mission planning is back!
    • Take the role of PMCs (Private Military Contractors) in scenarios located all over the world
    • Play a persistent campaign with resource management in between missions
    • Combat the old-school tactical way: bullets are lethal and health doesn't regenerate
    • Close quarters battles in tight and non-linear maps

If any of these points seem remotely interesting, head on over to the Kickstarter and show your support! It's sad that making a game like this is considered breaking the mold nowadays -- me, I think the mold needs breaking at this point.

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