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Sunday After Action Report

"I'll quit after I save!" It's Battlefield 3 weekend! If you haven't been playing the newly-released beta yet, what's the matter with you?

Highlights from this week:

So. Battlefield 3. Right. Great beta, bit of a buggy mess, but everything feels right. At least when things are going right for me, everything feels right. Other times (ofttimes when some camping cro-magnon goon with a scope lands a headshot on me seconds after I've spawned on my squaddie who's busy cowering behind a pile of cinder blocks like a man in his right frame of mind with a healthy sense of self-preservation) I have to fight the urge to kick the innards of my monitor out through the back panel.

I know I'm being stupid. I'd hurt my hip doing that. Anyway.

Battlefield 3 beta game later at 2 pm! See you in the chatroom, and see you on the battlefield!

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