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Infinity Bundle

I saw this new Indie Bundle called "Infinity Bundle". This bundle will include 4 games from the game studio Subsoap. It's priced at a minimum amount of $25. Pretty expensive for a bundle right? But here's the catch: once you buy it, you will also get their future games. Currently there are 2 secret games that will be released with this bundle in the future: a card game and a puzzle game. The games that are currently in the bundle:

    • Faerie Solitaire - A solitaire game with some fantasy elements.

    • Faerie Solitaire 2 - A sequel to Faerie Solitaire. Adds more pets, adventure and game mechanics.

    • Faerie Alchemy - A puzzle game involving transumation.

    • FaeSaga - A experimental project that has unique RPG mechanics, and could have crossplatform coop.

    • Secret Game #1 - A card game.

    • Secret Game #2 - A puzzle game.

So anyone up for this? You can buy it until the end of the month. Also, I already got the first Faerie Solitaire since they released thousands of Steam keys on Reddit last month.

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