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The Monday AAR - Recovery Edition

Recovery, you ask? Could it possibly be from the great deals and unparalleled savings from the recently-ended Steam Summer Sale, aka GAEBSAEL SUMMER 2012, aka the bottomless money-chomping pit fiend that is Valve Software's bi-annual seasonal money-burning marathon?

Dare I bore you with the nitty gritty of what I purchased for myself during this trying time -- this span of days every year when I wake up at one or two in the morning to check what fabulous sales have gone up while I was asleep? I DO DARE. YES, I DO.

What I bought and how much it cost me:

Crusader Kings II African Units Pack, Crusader Kings II Songs of the Caliph, Crusader Kings II Sword of Islam $3.47
Binding of Isaac Wrath of the Lamb $0.74
Dead Island (RoW), Dead Island: Ryder White DLC $13.58
The Walking Dead $14.99
Dear Esther $2.49
Stacking $3.74
FarCry 2 $2.49
TOTAL $41.50

And here I thought I haven't even gone past 30 bucks yet. God damnit. Anyway, updates!

    • Since a lot of you are probably swimming in your own Steam Summer Sale swag, why don't we put those games to good use? We're looking to play some Shogun 2, and of course, some Crusader Kings as well. Visit the linked forum threads for more details.
    • We're also gearing up for a game giveaway, despite the fact that it's been a busy month and I haven't had the time to put up a nice raffle-related banner! Just stay tuned, because tomorrow, we're raffling off a shiny new copy of Crusader Kings II! If you haven't donated yet this month, perhaps this is a good time to support our community and maybe win a highly entertaining (and lordly) grand strategy game as a bonus?

Why I love PC Gaming, Steam and the Great Gaben

So it's been over a week now since the great Gaben blessed us with the Steam Summer Sale and I must say I've made the most of it even with the few games I chose. This is the privilege we have of being pc gamers: the ability to make the most of digital distribution and bask in the awesomeness that is Steam. As of today I've picked up Shogun 2 Total War, LA Noire, Sword of Islam DLC (CK2) and Trine 2. A select few no doubt but the money I saved has been immense.

For background here is how much they costed on launch day:

    • Shogun 2 Total War - USD $49.99
    • LA Noire - USD $49.99
    • Trine 2 - USD $14.99
    • Sword of Islam DLC (CK2) - USD $9.99

Grand total: USD $124.99

And here is how much I paid for them during the Steam Sale:

    • Shogun 2 Total War - USD $7.49
    • LA Noire - USD $3.74
    • Trine 2 - USD $3.74
    • Sword of Islam DLC (CK2) - USD$2.49

Grand total: USD $17.46

So had I bought these games a few months ago to a year, I would have spent USD $124.99. By waiting I saved about 86% of that money I would have spent and only shelled out an extremely reasonable USD $17.46. An absolute bargain. Such is the power of the great Steam Summer Sale.

May the gods bless our great Gaben and may his reign be long and everlasting.

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