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ArmA II Operation Incoming!

It's been a very long time since the SEA-JTF has participated in an Operation. Since the holidays are coming, what better way to spend it with shooting up some terrorists with your brothers-in-arms (while calling in the occasional A-10 CAS if things get too hot).

Mark your calendars soldiers! We're looking into December 23, 2012 as a date for the OP. Details of the mission will follow, but expect it to be staged in Celle2 (better update your SixUpdater if you haven't).

I will be posting Team and Role assignments soon in the forums so watch out for that if you want to participate and if you're eyeing a particular role.

In the mean time, enjoy this video that one of our mods and ArmA II regulars, Chino (aka Kan707) took:

[youtube_sc url=""]

Looking forward to everyone participating in this OP!

The Future of OMGeek and How You Are Part of It

One year of tier 1 PC gaming in Southeast Asia! Thanks and congratulations all around, everybody! We obviously couldn't have made it this far without the help and support of everyone in the community who's reading this right now. Thank you.

Now, as I have said in my previous post, I wanted to talk about how your donations, moral support, and continued presence are helping to develop our community further. Many OMGeeks are already pitching in to do their part, be it as subscribers, guild leaders, or being our irreplaceable one and only ArmA II boss-man. While we value and adore each and every member equally, we'd also like to stress that like any good game that's worth your attention, the OMGeek community can certainly give you back as much as you're willing to put in.

A dedicated server

One major addition we're peering at in the future with an appropriately ornate spyglass is a dedicated server. We've hosted games using GSPs in the past, and while for the most part we've had little problems, it also meant that we were stuck with the games that we chose, and that deciding to host a new game is always a momentuous decision. Well, it's kind of a big decision, at the very least. A dedicated server would let us host more games and experiment with quirky and mysterious titles that could be a good fit for our community. It means less expense in the long run, more possibilities for us as gamers, and more power at the fingertips of the legendary Kin Que Pls.

The big barrier? The cost is quite prohibitive. Two things have helped this all along so far. First, we've saved up a good amount from donations and our personal funds. Second, our shift to developer-hosted games like Guild Wars 2 and soon, Planetside 2, means that we're spending less on OMGeek servers every month, although there's no question that our great experience with the community has not diminished. Not one iota. We still have a ways to go, though. Once we work out the costing and the amount we need to have a comfortable buffer to get started, we'll post it up here on the site for everyone to see. If you share our dream of a mature and friendly Southeast Asian gaming community, it would be great if you can pitch in to help.

Our growing community

Of course, throwing money at the problem isn't the only way to help us grow as a community. Great people will always be OMGeek's most valuable resource, and we already have quite an interesting set from Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Brunei. While we have all of you here to form the pioneering group of awesome and beautiful gamers in Southeast Asia, we do believe that there are more of us out there, toiling away towards greatness in their little isolated pockets of gamerdom. We'd like to see other countries represented. Indonesia. Thailand. All are welcome!

Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Subscribe to our RSS feed. Participate in discussions. Tell your friends. Invite them to our games. Encourage them to connect with our other members. We're doing a strange and wonderful thing here, forming friendships with people we otherwise wouldn't have known our entire lives. Let's keep the string going. And then we will crush our enemies, see them driven before us, and hear the lamentations of their women. In-game, of course.

All in the name of our ultimate goal of world peace.

Better and more interesting content

One more facet of OMGeek that we wish to develop is the content side of things. For the longest time, we've relied on blog posts to present original content, along with a minimal smattering of screenshots and gameplay videos.

Now, here's one thing I also believe in: gamers are fussy, detail-oriented creatures. Gamers are creative and intelligent and scientifically proven to be better puzzle-solvers than non-gaming folk. Gamers like to create things, more often than not. That's why I'm making this my official call for any kind of contributor input that you may want to offer. You can write, or draw, or take videos, or whatever.

If you're interested in contributing any kind of text or media to the community, send me an email at and we'll work something out. Or chat me up in our chatroom. Or send me a forum PM. You're not going to run out of ways to get in touch with me or any of us, really.

There's a wealth of talent in our community. It would be a shame to let it go unnoticed.

Let's play games

And because I've rambled on for long enough, I'd just like to say that second only to you guys, the games are the most important part of OMGeek. As long as we're having fun playing together as a community, we're keeping the dream alive. Don't stop believing, guys. Hold on to that feeling.

Thanks, everyone!

OMGeek Minecraft servers to go offline

Good day, gamerfriends. Amidst all the celebration and joy that's going on this week for OMGeek's 1-year anniversary, I have some slightly sobering news: we have decided to stop hosting Minecraft for now. It wasn't an easy decision to make, because deep down I've kept my happy memories of Minecrafting with the community, and somehow entertained the idea of getting back to it "someday". The reality is that we're paying for a server that isn't getting enough attention and support. Hey, there are so many other games that we want to play, and there are only enough hours in a day, and there's only one of each of us!

The money we will save from stopping the service will go into our long-term community and server goals, which I will share in a post that will go up later this week. I just want to make it clear that we have the best interests of the OMGeek community in mind, and that the goals we have set will further our vision of providing a warm and friendly haven in Southeast Asia for mature people who play all sorts of games.

The Minecraft server will be going down after September 20, 2012, which is, well, tomorrow. Nothing is permanent, so if the demand becomes high enough, we don't see any problem in bringing it back. For now, though, I guess this is goodbye, thanks for the memories, and we'll always have the grave of Psycrow's cat to remember.

The Monday AAR - New games to play + RAFFLE UPDATE

What, Tuesday already? AGAIN? I'm late! I can't even say it's Tuesday somewhere because unfortunately for me, it isn't. That doesn't change the fact, though, that I have a slew of updates to share. Here we go!

    • Raffle update: The raffle has been slightly delayed, but it's gonna push through! A Steam copy of Crusader Kings II is waiting for a new owner of high and noble birth. Fortunately, anyone could be of high and noble birth, as long as fate says so! I'm going to need some help confirming the list of donors, however. If you donated to support OMGeek this month, please send me a PM soon. Check this post for some details. Thanks!

    • ArmA II server issues: INQUE is the resident caretaker of the ArmA II server, but while he's away, please direct any server-related issues to me or blitzio. We'll give the server the swift kick it needs to get back in line. Alternatively, we can bang some coconut husks together and chant nonsensically until something gets fixed. The bottom line? Something will get fixed.

    • Zombies and samurai: Not all in the same game, I'm afraid. Some of us got together to play some Left 4 Dead 2 last Sunday, and I finally got to sacrifice myself as Bill in The Sacrifice! Blitzio and I also played a coop campaign game of Shogun 2, which had the expected amount of one-sided fights, snooty diplomats, prolonged sieges, and the sweet, sweet feeling of watching a cavalry charge decimate a whole lot of archers. We'll be doing a short impressions report on that game soon.

      Hey, I'm up for a quick game of L4D2 almost anytime, so let me know if you feel like playing!

    • Blood Bowl: Fantasy football fans, we need one more entrant to the league to make four. Blood Bowl is an awesome game about football teams of orks and dwarves pummelling each other into mush over a leather ball. It's turn-based, and it's based on the Games Workshop Warhammer-themed board game of the same name. If you have a copy, please post in this thread and be our fourth man. 8)

    • Minecraft: The update is coming, and we're poised to do a major community update for MInecraft ourselves. More information soon!

    • Source Filmmaker: Anyone else messing around with SFM? I just put up a 100% self-serving post in the video forum. Post and share your own creations with us!

Minecraft Beginnings: The Pioneer Spirit

There's nothing as promising or as inspiring in a game of Minecraft than a wild, untouched tract of nature stretching out far into the horizon. Natural formations of dirt, sand, and rock dot the landscape in random yet eerily mathematical constructs, all waiting for you to show up and reorder the beauty of chaos for the glory of mankind.

Before the house, and the wheat farm, and the giant underwater dome with a redstone-powered airlock even if it didn't really need one, there was you, shivering in a hole in the ground, your body still soaked by the rain that wasn't there one second and drenching you the next. And it was fun as hell.

The pioneer phase of Minecraft is all about surviving against the odds, armed with just the clothes (or the lack of clothes) on your back and a pair of cuboid fists that can pulverize solid blocks of xylem tissue in seconds. The initial mad rush to gather wood, prepare tools, build the block-equivalent of a pillow fortress, and ensure that you have a light for when it gets dark, is one of the great shared experiences of Minecraft. Once a proper wall goes up and a creeper-free boundary is established, everyone can focus on his or her own thing, be it farming or underground exploring or the building of strangely phallic giant monuments. Before that, it's a mad cooperative flurry of survival.

Minecraft Beginnings is all about that pioneering phase of the Minecraft experience: the one moment when all of us are truly working towards the common goal of making a safe haven for the sake of the FUTURE. We're going to transform a barren, inhospitable landscape where snow may inexplicably fall meters away from a scorching desert into a safe and modern bastion of human ingenuity. This is the first step, and all are welcome to join in!

Unless you're a dirty iron-swiping diamond-stealing thief. We don't need you and we want you to stay away.

For everybody else, join us this Sunday for Minecraft Beginnings, a cooperative pioneer adventure! We will be announcing server information soon, so stay tuned!

The OMGeek Battlefield 3 server has moved

Babumbum-badum dum babumbum-badum dum [Obligatory and stale be advised joke here]

Listen up ye 'orrible lot! Re-orient your clients to the following Battlelog URL:

Our new GSP is Hypernia, and the server is still located in Singapore. You can find more detailed info about the game server in this forum post.

Game modes: Conquest with a dash of Rush

Map list:

    • Grand Bazaar
    • Teheran Highway
    • Caspian Border
    • Seine Crossing
    • Operation Firestorm
    • Damavand Peak
    • Noshahr Canals
    • Kharg Island
    • Operation Metro
    • Strike at Karkand
    • Sharqi Peninsula
    • Wake Island
    • Gulf of Oman

Operation: Falcon Fury - AAR 03/18/2012

Operation: Falcon Fury proceeded as planned. The SEA-JTF (Southeast Asia - Joint Task Force) rounded up in the server for a general briefing at 1400 hrs and OSCAR MIKE to the AO after everybody was clear on their roles. The operation ran like a well-oiled machine and everybody was well-coordinated and fought a good fight, thanks to our dry runs during March 13 and March 15. The operation tapered off at around 1800 hours as some of the troops were getting wary of battle. As usual, here are the visual highlights of the day:

(the OP was well-attended! Thanks to everyone who came and made it a success) 

(FT Alpha gearing up)

(FT Alpha overlooking the surroundings before proceeding to the next AO)

(Here comes the Chinook to the rescue!  Piloted by Gunso)

(When there's smoke, there's trouble)

Here is a video of one of the missions done during the operation. We were tasked to blow up a comms tower on a mountain peak. FT Alpha and Bravo approaching from different flanks. Both Fireteams had CAS at their disposal in the form of two A-10s, a Blackhawk and a Chinook. Credit goes to Exodus for taking the video.

We thank everyone who attended the first ever ArmA II Operation! Rest assured we will be having more operations to come so keep your eyes open for the next briefing!

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