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Operation Iron Promise - Sunday Nov 6, 2011

MY PROMISE IS MADE OF IRON Be Advised: Operation Iron Promise commences 2pm onwards on Sunday at our server.

Operation Iron Promise is a massive Battlefield 3 session next Sunday which will go on from 2pm to the wee hours of the night, and by fortuitous serendipity, the following Monday happens to be a public holiday! That's right. No retreat. No surrender. No sleep. Bathroom breaks are allowed, though, or we'd have called it Operation Iron Bladder.

You may check our Battlefield 3 forum to join our tactics and teamplay discussion. Be sure to join us on Mumble as well. Good plans start and end with good communication! AND IRON WILLS.

Operation Iron Promise commences on November 6. Join the discussion here. See you guys there!

OMGeek Launch Obliterates Stalingrad

It lives! (I was really going to call this post "Blaggards Plunder Server," but ration my rum if pirate-speak ever comes naturally to me as it does some lucky scalawags. A hearty arrr to you, my mateys.)

I had never been happier to willingly crawl for 30 meters along the bottom of a dried-up, blood-soaked riverbed with bullets whistling over my head, smoke invading my lungs and the dying screams of my squadmates filling my ears. Never ever. Even when Ivan put a rifle bullet right between my eyes a split second after I peeked over the ridge, the smile never left my face--and not because I had lost all control of my muscles after my brain had been reduced to slush by a high-speed projectile. That wouldn't be the whole reason, at least.

OMGeek lives. It liiiirves! Thank you to everyone who joined in!

I am happy to report that yesterday's launch game was a huge success. The RO2 server was pretty much filled to capacity from lunchtime until midnight, and for at least 12 hours, players battled for Stalingrad in a whirlwind frenzy of shooting, stabbing, peeking, crawling, artillery bombing, and hiding of the behind-a-concrete-wall-like-a-complete-coward persuasion.

Someone also crawled up to a tank and blew it up with an AT grenade and it was so awesome because I was just hiding way over there behind that concrete wall and oh God I saw the whole thing.

I love this game.

Starting this week, we will be having scheduled games of Red Orchestra 2 on the OMGeek RO2 server. We'll have games every Tuesday and Thursday night in addition to our regular SUNDAY SESH. You're free to play whenever you want, of course, but these will be the best times to catch us online if you ever want to team up, or just shoot the breeze, or maybe bash our skulls in with a rifle butt.

Weekly Red Orchestra 2 games: Tuesdays, 8 pm onwards Thursdays, 8 pm onwards Sundays, 2 pm onwards

I'd rather you not bash our skulls in with a rifle butt, if it's all the same to you. And bayonets won't get you off on a technicality, either.

Did I forget to say ARRR?

For those of you who haven't joined our community yet, we'd really like to get to know you! In addition to the forums, you can also chat us up in the Steam Community OMGeek chatroom. You'll like hanging out with us. You'll see.

We've got more in store in the coming days, so stick around for new announcements. Thanks, guys!

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