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Kickstarter: Planetary Annihilation

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I saw this today and I haven't played Total Annihilation that much, but this Kickstarter project from Uber Entertainment Inc is epic! What it is: a Total Annihilation-inspired RTS game on a PLANETARY SCALE. For more information visit the Kickstarter page here. I really want to back this but I just backed Castle Story and their release date is still July 2013. You can back this for $15 (for a $20 pledge) but you have to back it now because it currently comes in limited quantities (3000+ as of now). I assume that the retail price will be $20 but we don't know; maybe it will be higher in the future.

The thing is, they have a $900k goal for this game which some people were surprised about, because they said that Total Annihilation's player base was not that big. But look at that concept! It's so great! You can even have your own server where more people can join without making your PC cry! Right now it's at $100k and there are still 29 days to go! If you love this kind of game -- which personally I really do -- back this game now!

Kickstarter: Castle Story

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Hello guys, I've been following a certain indie game for months and I just wanna share. It's called Castle Story. It's a voxel-based RTS game. What's great about this is you will build your fort brick by brick, and also since it's an RTS game, there will be multiplayer.

One more video and a Kickstarter link after the jump.

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Last Saturday, Sauropod Studio started a Kickstarter, and you can back it starting at $15. You should check it out and I hope you back it too since it's awesome!

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