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Gaming Related But Not Really: Podcasts we like

Happy Tuesday, OMGeeks.

Since we’ve recently talked about our friendship with the talented people over at Staring at Screens, we thought it was just appropriate for us to list down the other podcasts we like to listen to. We’ve pooled our regular shows and broadly categorized them by topic. If you see anything unfamiliar, perhaps you’d like to give it a try!


PC Gamer
A podcast from the world famous publication in the US & UK. The definitive authority on PC gaming. They talk about upcoming PC game titles (and sometimes get too excited about it) and various PC gaming related topics. Very professional insights from people who are knee-deep in the industry.

Gamers with Jobs
As gamers who have entered the colorful world of adulthood, their topics on the podcast has reverb very much with us. They tackle topics such as dealing with family, spouses, careers and while trying to maintain the gaming hobby.

Staring at Screens
Finally! A podcast that has a familiar flavor of the region. Although based from Singapore, they tackle topics on gaming and gaming culture that are easily relatable if you’re anywhere in Southeast Asia.

Gaming (traditional)

The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast
The Secret Cabal founders are four gamers who decided to branch out to the tabletop gaming world. All the traditional gaming podcasts listed here are helmed by relatively older gamers who have families and children, but the Secret Cabal tackles the topic of being a grown-up gamer more often than most. Fun trivia: the podcast went live on September, 2011 -- just like OMGeek!

The D6 Generation
A venerable podcast that’s up to more than a hundred episodes now -- no small task as each episode is about 4 hours long. The current hosts, Craig and Russ, are very engaging speakers and can make just about anything sound interesting. Features crazy trivia quizzes, enlightening interviews with game designers and artists, funny anecdotes, live episodes at gaming cons, and more.

Flip the Table
Here’s the high-level concept: a bunch of gamers gather together, play a bad board game, and then talk about their less-than-stellar experience. It’s funnier than I made it sound. Past games played include such gems as WWE: The Board Game, Murder She Wrote: The Board Game, and Robocop: The VCR Game. Also features a quiz show segment, which is usually the most hilarious part of the episodes.


The Verge
This technology podcast is a cut above the rest, headed by the crew that originally ran Engadget, these guys provide some of the best commentary and news on consumer gadgetry and tech on the internet.

PC Perspective
When it comes to computer hardware discussion, this podcast covers everything from news, reviews to lively discussions on upcoming technologies.This is highly recommended for obsessive PC gamers who love building and upgrading their gaming rigs.

Everything else

The Filmcast
Thought provoking and intelligent pop culture discussion revolving around the latest TV shows and movies are a staple for’s extremely popular podcast. Aside from talking about the latest film and tv news, the hosts discuss what they have been watching the last week. Every once in a while they come with a pretty great award winning indie or obscure film recommendation to help you out for that movie night.

How Did This Get Made?
A very entertaining and incisive breakdown of bad movies. Previous greats covered include Spider-man 3, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Sleepaway Camp, and the legendary Super Mario Brothers. Includes readings of five-star reviews by strangers from, which never fails to make me laugh out loud in public venues.

The Nerdist
A professionally produced interview show that features the best, the most interesting, and the most entertaining guests ever. Some of the best in recent months include Tom Hanks, Alton Brown, The Wachowskis with Tom Tykwer, Mark Hamill, Tom Morello, and Gabe! Freaking! Newell! And Gabe talks about Ricochet 2! And the future! And My Little Pony!

Call Chelsea Peretti
This is a fun show to listen to if you just want to shut your brain off and listen to random funny things for an hour. Comedian and host Chelsea Peretti pulls off the odd feat of being compassionate and irreverent at the same time, and her constant yammering about the oddest topics and ideas is strangely relaxing.

Sword and Laser
The Sword and Laser is many things: a sci-fi/fantasy book club, a podcast, and most recently, a Youtube show on the Geek & Sundry channel. On the podcast, hosts Tom Merritt and Veronica Belmont guide us through the latest SF/F book releases, interview various authors, and talk about the writing process for genre fiction.

StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson
Science is fun, guys. We can’t guarantee that you, Beloved Reader reading this right now, agree with our opinion, but the odds dictate that you probably find science fun, too. StarTalk deals with lots of astronomy and cosmic matters, sure, but the show also delves into all sorts of scientific and futurist talk, from today’s smart devices, to crazy ideas like invisibility and teleportation, to the reasoning behind the modern geek ritual of unboxing.

We love listening to podcasts. It’s a great way to catch up on news we may have missed during the week; Mike says he likes it because he says it passively lets information seep into his brain via his ears just like his audiobooks (what a weirdo). Ultimately this is our generation’s AM talk radio on steroids, with on-demand or streaming options at our fingertips. We can choose any niche topic we want at any time, and listen on any device.

We love technology just as much as gaming, and podcasts are an enabler for us to really get to the meat of the topic in sharing intelligent, mature discourse on our favourite hobby. So if you haven’t gotten into subscribing to your favourite topics, perhaps you should consider it. It works for us, maybe it’ll work for you.

Or perhaps you already have a bunch of podcasts that you listen to. Which ones do you like best? Share them with the community!

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