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Planetside 2 out; OMGeeks en route towards mayhem

Planetside 2 proudly strode through the gates of Releasedom at the end of last month, and from the reviews and impressions of the final game, it looks to continue the uniquely massive first person shooter action that some of us already experienced in the beta.

Eyes front, keep alert, and stay on your toes, because OMGeek is mustering its forces once again to wade into the Planetside 2 battleground with guns blazing! Or with aircraft spiraling lazily into the side of a rocky mountain. Or with Sunderer desperately trying to drive out of a ravine, depending on how inebriated your driver was when your squad all piled in. I sure hope it'll be more like that bit with the blazing guns.

THE DETAILS: We have games scheduled for tonight -- Monday -- and for Wednesday night, both starting at 9 pm GMT +8. Be in the chat room to be counted, and get ready for WAR. On the SIDE of a PLANET.

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