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Rallying the Banners of the Order of Militant Goat Knights

Get ready for some OMGeek Guild Wars 2 related announcements condensed in one post.

Guild Name

The community has spoken and [OMGk]'s official Guild name will be: Order of Militant Goat Knights.

I know, I know, some of you don't like the name, but let me pull out a very heart-warming quote from Supahpapalicious on his explanation why the Goat Knights is a proper name for our community:

What I like most about this community is the camaraderie, the humor and the fun that comes with playing cooperatively with you "mature" yet playful bastards. The Goats name works as an extension of that fun were having together into something the people (non-members/prospective guildies) can see outright. It can be a good representation of what they can expect if they join our guild.

Always brings a tear to my eye whenever I read that phrase (sniff sniff!)


Server Choice

Another poll has been conducted for our home world and majority of the OMGeek community has chosen Gate of Madness. So please be sure to pick that server when you first log in to the game.


3-day Headstart Schedule of Activities

We've formed a guild and obviously we want to play as a community. To keep things organized, I went ahead and set a time and place for all of the Goat Knights to meet up:

August 25, 2012 Meet up Time: 1:30pm (GMT+8) in case of servers being up 3 hours prior. If not, let just hang around till the 3pm launch

Meet up location: Lions Arch with the lion's statue (Just take the pink portal / Asura gate to Lions arch found in your starting area)

Activities: PVE and World vs World vs World (if high level enough)

So if you have pre-purchased the game, come join us for the head start! Keep an eye on this thread for the scheduled game times and meet up locations over the weekend.


And finally, please don't forget to reply to this thread to add yourself on the guild roster. This will also be the central information thread for all things guild related as well as a list of in-game names of your fellow Goat Knights to add on your friend list. As mentioned in my previous Guild Wars 2 related posts and I'll keep saying it, I'm really looking forward on guilding up with everybody in OMGeek. The opportunity to finally play in a guild with fun-loving, but matured players has been the foundation of what the community is. Looking forward to fun times ahead!


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