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ArmA II Operation Incoming!

It's been a very long time since the SEA-JTF has participated in an Operation. Since the holidays are coming, what better way to spend it with shooting up some terrorists with your brothers-in-arms (while calling in the occasional A-10 CAS if things get too hot).

Mark your calendars soldiers! We're looking into December 23, 2012 as a date for the OP. Details of the mission will follow, but expect it to be staged in Celle2 (better update your SixUpdater if you haven't).

I will be posting Team and Role assignments soon in the forums so watch out for that if you want to participate and if you're eyeing a particular role.

In the mean time, enjoy this video that one of our mods and ArmA II regulars, Chino (aka Kan707) took:

[youtube_sc url=""]

Looking forward to everyone participating in this OP!

06/26/2012 - Mulladost Siezed; Heavy Fighting Breaks Out in Takistan

ZARGABAD - No less than fifteen Takistani civilians were found dead on Sunday, June 24, as members of the Southeast Asian Joint Task Force (SEA-JTF) stormed and liberated the town of Mulladost from local militia control. Twenty-three other civilians were discovered in various buildings, all bearing the signs of physical and mental torture. Two of them were found hanging by their heels from the ceiling. When questioned by this reporter, one of the victims stated that they had been held for “suspected collaboration with the foreign invasion force”. The person questioned was one of only five captives who could speak and understand English. The raid was carried out successfully in the wake of a heavy aerial strike by the Takistani militia against a SEA-JTF outpost.

Earlier that day, fighting broke out among US and Takistani forces in the vicinity of Mulladost. Fleeing residents reported small arms fire and sounds of several large engines, and witnesses claim that they saw a helicopter explode in mid-air. No official tally of casualties has been released by local officials at this time.

Troops stationed at the SEA-JTF forward operating base codenamed FOB Alpha suffered heavy casualties. Local Takistani militia launched an assault consisting of Hind attack helicopters, overwhelming SEA-JTF troops stationed at FOB Alpha, and causing their assault teams in the field to pull back to provide support. Among those who rushed to provide aid was SSGT jedi304, a forward operating scout sniper who was positioned several kilometers away.

“I couldn’t believe it,” says assistant base commander 1LT blitzio, one of the soldiers involved, as he recounts the rescue carried out by SSGT jedi304 and his other companions. “I thought I was dead, and all of a sudden I knew someone was helping me out of the wreckage. I opened my eyes, and... ‘I came back for you guys,’ he said. He came back. They all came back.”

SEA-JTF forces secured the town of Mulladost after recovering from the attack and launching a counteroffensive. Heavy firefights continue to erupt all throughout Takistan.

UPDATE 6/26:

"We reassessed our tactical warfighting capabilities and despite minimal losses during the light skirmish in the vicinity of FOB Alpha, we were able to push forward and accomplish all our objectives to provide peace and security in this region of Takistan,” said Captain INQUE, commanding officer of the SEA-JTF and base commander of FOB Alpha.

When pressed for exact casualty numbers that the SEA-JTF suffered, CPT INQUE responded, “I could not comment on current military operations."

Civilians have confirmed reports of multiple KIAs from SEA-JTF troops. Burning wrecks were reported to be seen even from FOB Alpha. CPT INQUE denied these allegations as Takistani propaganda. When further pressed, CPT INQUE further disregarded the burning wrecks of vehicles as simply "small arms fire ricocheting off the base humvees and chipping the paint".

Mission Briefing for Operation: Rogue Thunder

High command has finally sent in our mission objectives for Operation: Rogue Thunder. Pack your rucksacks and get ready to hit Takistan once again.

Listed below will be specific Mission objectives that High command wants the SEA-JTF to achieve:

Mission Objectives

Mission Type: Domination

# of Main Targets: Four (4) Towns

Operation Duration: June 24 - July 8 , 2012

High Command has granted full use of all air & ground assets which the SEA-JTF can fully utilize. It is imperative that operation must be completed by July 8. We must not overstay our welcome to avoid any political ramifications back home. We request all of the SEA-JTF to be present during the duration of the operation and to remember the roles assigned to ensure the success of the mission.

New INTEL on Operation: Rogue Thunder

Listen up men! High command is requesting the SEA-JTF to deploy for Operation: Rogue Thunder on June 24 2012. We are given 2 weeks to complete the operation and we are strictly ordered to pull out of Takistan immediately on July 8 2012 to avoid any political ramifications.

Mission parameters will soon be posted on the boards so make sure to read up!

For the new recruits, make sure you have completed your beginner's course. We will be scheduling courses in the coming weeks for those who need it.

You also need to strictly follow the roles that you signed up for. Familiarization of roles and appropriate gear is highly recommended.

We need all able-bodied soldiers to participate in this operation to increase its success rate. We are counting on everyone.

The Monday AAR: The Tactical Update

Has it been that long since the year began?

We're almost at the halfway point of 2012, and the community has been going strong, all things considered: we've evolved and fine-tuned our ArmA II server to suit the community's preferences, and Minecraft continues to enjoy a steady stream of visitors. A DayZ group has sprung up among the OMGeeks, along with some Diablo 3 and Frozen Synapse as well. Between all these games, we're exploring the gamut of the online pc gaming experience, from shooting men in first person, to shooting zombies and men in first person, to shooting men in third person with rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers, and grenade launchers, to slicing demons open with axes and pikes, to riddling them full of explosive arrows, to building cute little shacks made of wood and bricks.

What more could a gamer ask for?

    • The details for ArmA II's Operation: Rogue Thunder will be announced here and on the forums soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that. It's going to feature all the things you love about OMGeek's ArmA, and then some.

    • Do you by any chance own a copy of Frozen Synapse lying around? Visit our thread and leave your game handle with us! If you've bought the expansion, even better, because you can start cooperative games with other OMGeeks. See you in... what are they calling the Matrix or the cyberverse in this one again? The shape? Yeah, see you in the shape.

    • Care for a free copy of Bastion? jedi304 -- OMGeek member, contributor, and all-around heroic good guy -- has a copy up for raffle in this thread. All you have to do is tell him why you love OMGeek, and you'll be entered into his random drawing for a copy of Bastion. Get to it!

    • And for purely selfish reasons because I happen to love the game, here's a thread LYH started to gauge if anyone's interested in playing Jagged Alliance 2 online. Jagged Alliance 2 strikes the sweet spot for intricacy and accessibility, and is an awesome alternative to the phased turns of Frozen Synapse. I should also mention that after the major fan patch, which is v1.13, there are more than 300 guns in the game. LYH had this to say about it:

      Oh, and there are 300 guns. That's three hundred assorted rocket launchers, heavy machine guns, light machine guns, snipers, assault rifles, rifles, SMGs and pistols. And that's not counting the various grenades, types of ammo and misc. equipment, including armour, that you can buy for your specific needs. Whereas in vanilla JA2 there was only Hollow Point, Armour Piercing and normal rounds, now there are tracer rounds, cold rounds etc. It's pretty much gun porn.

      I like the sound of that. Check it out, and post here to join!

Operation: Rogue Thunder

Be advised all callsigns, high command is issuing the SEA-JTF another operation slated sometime in the middle of June.

All required personnel are asked to attend scheduled training sessions which will be posted on the boards to further polish their skills. Everyone is also responsible for knowing their roles and callsigns on the battlefield to avoid confusion when under fire.

More information will be posted closer to the date of deployment.

Extended Operation: Solstice Striker AAR

With the dedication and spectacular performance of OMGeek Warfighters we were able to complete Extended Operation: Solstice Striker in 2 days, as it was expected to last 4 days.

The mission was a complete success and we would like to thank all the soldiers who participated.

Here are some visual highlights during the course of the operation:

(Preparing for a night convoy to the main target)


(Angry opposition shooting at jRev for getting their flag)


(Back safe and sound with the flag on his back)


(Group shot with those who participated in the side mission to capture the flag)


(Popped green smoke for our LZ)


(Time to mount up)


(Another side mission that entails blowing up a radio tower)


(The aftermath of clearing the said tower)


(While clearing the town, Chino gets up on the roof and tries to find any stragglers around town) 


(Asking assistance from our Abrams. Overkill? I don't think so) 


(Blowing up another tower, but this time with the cover of night)

(Ryan salutes for a job well done)


(Recon for the main target, enemy armor bunching up in area)


(Checking out the radio tower. Single BMP guarding it with multiple infantry)


Again, we would like to thank everyone who participated, especially during the final push for the last town. Everybody held the line and took over the town completely.

We will surely be doing another operation more massive than this one. Be sure to check your comms and point your range finders here to get the proper intel.

Extended Operation: Solstice Striker Dry Run

Attention all SEA-JTF warfighters! We will be conducting a dry run for Extended Operation: Solstice Striker this Sunday, 04/01/2012. Make sure to gather up in the Steam chat room @ 1400 hrs (GMT +8).

Make sure to go over our Standing Operating Procedures to know how to properly conduct yourself in the field. If you haven't enlisted yet for the Extended Operation, please do so in this thread.

Mission Briefing for Extended Operation: Solstice Striker

Mission Description for Extended Operation: Solstice Striker

    • A four-day operation spanning from April 5 to 8


    • Assembly:
      • Assembly time of afternoon combatants @ 1400 hrs (GMT+8).
      • Assembly time of evening combatants @ 2000 hrs (GMT+8)
    • Victory Conditions:
      • Dominate & seize control of all towns in Takistan
    • Max Server Player Count: 20 Players
    • Weapon restrictions will not be limited to roles, but consult with FT leader for proper load out.
    • Reply to this thread to enlist and include your preferred role
    • Available Roles:
      • Artillery Operators x2


    • Engineer
      • Team Leader
      • Members x 4
    • Fireteam Alpha, Bravo and Charlie
      • Team Leader
      • Sniper
      • AT Soldier x 2
      • GL Soldier
      • Medic
      • Machine Gunner x2

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