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IndieRoyale: The Ninja Pack

The new IndieRoyale is now live! The Ninja Pack consists of 5 games from NinjaBee, an independent video game developer based in Utah, US. Here are the games included in the bundle:

    • Ancients of Ooga - Eat, chant and even puke your way through the primeval world of Ooga on a journey to befriend and free the enslaved Oogani tribes. Unlock each tribe’s lost, ancient powers and revive their fallen chiefs on your quest to revolt against the evil Boolis.

    • Cloning Clyde - Have you ever been cloned? Ever wonder what it would be like to be a chicken? A monkey? A frog? Well, wonder no more when you play Cloning Clyde, the zany side-scrolling platformer game from NinjaBee and Bacon Wrapped Games.

    • A Kingdom for Keflings - Build your own Medieval world in A Kingdom for Keflings.

    • Outpost Kaloki - Race against time to save the princess in Outpost Kaloki, a humorous space station tycoon game! Solve challenges, entertain visiting aliens, keep your ratings high, and rake in the money on your way to fame and glory.

You should buy early since it's currently $3-4, or beat the price to keep the minimum price low!


*All of the games’ descriptions are from the official website of IndieRoyale.

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