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Craft Us Some Names and Win a Free Game

Mentlegen, I've made a terrible, terrible mistake, and we're prepared to give away a copy of Bastion to rectify it.

I irresponsibly let you guys loose into our Minecraft server without giving it a name first. To make matters even worse, we went ahead and established a tremendously cool settlement without deciding on a name for it as well! How long can we go referring to everything as "the town" and "the mountain" and "the road?"

Tell you what. Late is it is, and well-developed as we are as Minecraft bros and pioneers, I'm going to attempt to nip this in the bud. This is me gathering you all around and passing blank pieces of slate and whatever you use to write on slate. Chalk, or whatever. Your task is simple, yet twofold: come up with 1) a name for our settlement (which encompasses both the town hall and the tower area), and 2) a name for this iteration of OMGeek's Minecraft world.

Here's a brief rundown of how this is going to work:

    1. You reply to this post with your name suggestions (exactly two names -- one each for the settlement and the world. Please indicate which is which!)
    2. We wait until the contest ends this Sunday.
    3. Mike (aka blitzio), our impartial judge, picks the best pair of name suggestions from the lot via a totally impartial selection process.
    4. We use the winning names to describe our Minecraft town and our Minecraft world.
    5. The winner gets a Steam copy of Bastion from OMGeek!

It's that easy. Just come up with two clever, descriptive, and memorable names! We're all excited to see your suggestions, so fire away!

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