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Robots are the New Zombies: TF2 Horde Mode Announced

Hi, fellow OMGeeks! You know I don't usually do gaming news on the website, because I prefer to indulge in my preference for talking and writing about just about anything and neatly sidestepping any requirement for journalistic integrity. I don't think I can really do game criticism either -- you won't catch me slinging around terms like "ludonarrative dissonance" with a straight face. Good god, no.

What I'm here for is to spread the good word about GAMES, and good word there always is. Valve, proving once again that their fingers are firmly jammed, grafted, and molecularly bonded onto the pulse of the gamer community, has released news about their newest addition to Team Fortress 2: a cooperative horde mode with really, really attractive art. I think that in theory, few things would feel better than mowing down a couple hundred scout robots with a giant minigun. I think I'm excited for this, and you should be too. 8)

More news about this is slated to drop tomorrow ("Mercs") and the day after ("Bounty"), so stay tuned. I'm having a bit of trouble with my internet connection at home, unfortunately, so I won't be able to hop around and giggle with glee with the rest of you guys come nighttime. I hope to be back and ready to play once the mode is released later this week!

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