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Battle Worlds: Kronos - Turn-based strategy from KING Art Games

It's been an excellent year for games of all kinds so far, and the good news keeps piling up! One of the latest interesting developments is Battle Worlds: Kronos, currently up for funding on Kickstarter from KING Art Games.

Yes, the very same KING Art Games who brought us the immensely entertaining adventure game The Book of Unwritten Tales, which we reviewed last year.

Battle Worlds: Kronos is different, though. It's not a fantasy game, it's not a lighthearted comic romp, and above all, it's not a traditional point and click adventure game. It is, however, another example of a once-mighty genre that has only shown signs of a rennaissance very recently: the turn-based strategy game. In Battle Worlds: Kronos, you play the commander of a mechanized army in the grand tradition of games like Battle Isle and Advance Wars. The map is hex-based, there's a generous number of units in each faction, and the graphics are pretty damn good.

The Kickstarter is currently at $190,000 out of their $120,000 goal, so this is definitely happening! Do check the page to see what stretch goals they have to offer, though.

We conducted a very enlightening interview with KING Art Games, which will be posting later this week. In the meantime, check out some screenshots and visit the game's Kickstarter page for videos and further information.

This one might just turn out to be something special. Stay tuned for more detailed information!

Kickstarter: Planetary Annihilation

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I saw this today and I haven't played Total Annihilation that much, but this Kickstarter project from Uber Entertainment Inc is epic! What it is: a Total Annihilation-inspired RTS game on a PLANETARY SCALE. For more information visit the Kickstarter page here. I really want to back this but I just backed Castle Story and their release date is still July 2013. You can back this for $15 (for a $20 pledge) but you have to back it now because it currently comes in limited quantities (3000+ as of now). I assume that the retail price will be $20 but we don't know; maybe it will be higher in the future.

The thing is, they have a $900k goal for this game which some people were surprised about, because they said that Total Annihilation's player base was not that big. But look at that concept! It's so great! You can even have your own server where more people can join without making your PC cry! Right now it's at $100k and there are still 29 days to go! If you love this kind of game -- which personally I really do -- back this game now!

Kickstarter: Castle Story

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Hello guys, I've been following a certain indie game for months and I just wanna share. It's called Castle Story. It's a voxel-based RTS game. What's great about this is you will build your fort brick by brick, and also since it's an RTS game, there will be multiplayer.

One more video and a Kickstarter link after the jump.

 [youtube_sc url=""]

Last Saturday, Sauropod Studio started a Kickstarter, and you can back it starting at $15. You should check it out and I hope you back it too since it's awesome!

Kickstarter: Grim Dawn

Hey guys! Looks like everyone is having fun playing Diablo 3 eh? Even Torchlight 2! It's a bit late but I discovered this game on Kickstarter. It's from the makers of Titan Quest, and it's called Grim Dawn! [youtube_sc url=""]

I saw their video on Kickstarter and it's awesome! Also It's an open world ARPG, with factions and stuff. You better check it out guys! You can back it for $18 as a Kickstarter price. The retail price will be $20-$24. The Kickstarter will end in 3 days. (Sucks I didn't see this earlier.)

The Takedown Kickstarter: 4 days to go!

There's hope for the hardcore yet. The Kickstarter for Serellan's tactical shooter Takedown is now at 106,000 USD! Obviously the rebooted page info has had a lot to do with this renewed interest.

Here's a rundown of some of Takedown's newly-announced features:

    • Mission planning is back!
    • Take the role of PMCs (Private Military Contractors) in scenarios located all over the world
    • Play a persistent campaign with resource management in between missions
    • Combat the old-school tactical way: bullets are lethal and health doesn't regenerate
    • Close quarters battles in tight and non-linear maps

If any of these points seem remotely interesting, head on over to the Kickstarter and show your support! It's sad that making a game like this is considered breaking the mold nowadays -- me, I think the mold needs breaking at this point.

OMGeek interviews Christian Allen about Serellan LLC's Crowdsourced Hardcore Tactical Shooter

You may remember the Kickstarter for the hardcore tactical shooter that indie developer Serellan LLC put up shortly after the Double Fine insanity began. We wrote about it back then, too. As an idea, I think it hits all the right buttons -- it's a pitch for a hardcore shooter in an age of "press E to win" FPS experiences. Serellan specifically referenced games like Rainbow Six, Rogue Speak, SWAT, and Ghost Recon as influences. The company's founder, Christian Allen, is an industry vet with similarly hardcore and tactical games under his belt, and the team consists of people from various well-regarded game development studios.

There was one problem, though -- at least to my perception. The Kickstarter didn't share enough information. Possibly because of this, it isn't doing as well as it could have. Christian and company have admitted as much and are ready to update the Kickstarter page to better communicate their vision.

Because OMGeek is exactly the kind of community that stands to benefit from game design such as this, and because these devs truly deserve a chance to bring their dream to life, we conducted a short interview with Christian Allen, hoping to shed a little more light on the project.

OMGeek: What inspired you to propose a game specifically in the CQB tactical shooter genre?

Christian: I feel this genre has been lacking in recent years. We have our big cinematic shooters like Halo or COD, we have our big vehicle battles like Battlefield and ARMA, we have our fast-paced competitive games like CS or TF2.

But I miss those days of slowly creeping down a corridor, intently watching and listening for your adversary...that tango who can drop you with one shot if you make a mistake. That intensity and lethality is what we are trying to bring back.

OMGeek: Your description of the game seems to be a bit general overall. Is this game you're proposing a "CQB tactical shooter toolkit" of sorts -- like there's no predefined setting or campaign, but the tools and scenarios are there?

Christian: Yes, we definitely made a mistake in being too broad with our description of the game, and we aim to rectify that this weekend, with a redone Kickstarter page that answers the questions that people have been asking.

There is a campaign, with a series of scenarios in escalating challenge, and managing your resources over the campaign.

OMGeek: What organizations or agencies will the game feature? We've seen games with Rainbow, and the Ghosts, and real-world groups like the SAS and Delta Force -- the list goes on and on. Did you have anything in mind for this?

Christian: Yes, we plan on focusing on PMC’s (Professional Military Corporations). This allows us to do varying types of missions all across the world, from Hostage Rescue to Elimination missions. PMC’s offer a unique opportunity without the need for elaborate villain-based story justification, or being limited to one region or type of conflict. They also operate in the gray areas of the law, which brings some interesting aspects with it.

OMGeek: The original Rainbow Six is considered as a benchmark of CQB tactical shooters. Aside from the technical improvements in areas like graphics, animation, and sound, what kinds of gameplay improvements over the original Tom Clancy games are you planning to implement?

Christian: AI has advanced light years since the original games, so that is a huge area of improvement. Accessibility (the ability to quickly get into the game, learn the systems, and play) has also come a long way, providing systems to ensure people have fun playing while maintaining realism and challenge.

OMGeek: If you had to give the game a title right now, what would it be?

Christian: Our working title is “TAKEDOWN,” but that will likely not be the final name. We’ve had hundreds of suggestions, and will be weeding through them and doing trademark research.

OMGeek: Thank you for your time!

Project TAKEDOWN has a nice ring to it, don't you agree? Going over Christian's answers made me more excited about this game: creeping around corridors, clearing rooms, breaching fortified positions, and stealthy insertions are all things that we've not done in a long time, barring games where these things are obviously scripted all the way down to the eye movements. All his other answers were intriguing too: PMCs, a campaign with resource management, and widely varied scenarios. I particularly like the mention of improved AI, because that was one of the things I had been meaning to ask about. I thought it was too technical of a question at this stage. Christian brought it back in focus as an essential ingredient in a good tactical shooter.

Be sure to check Serellan's Kickstarter this weekend, because they're doing a "reload" with more concrete material in hopes of making their $200,000 goal. Check this forum link for more information before the new page goes live. Support Serellan if you really want this to happen, guys. We wish them the best of luck!

Kickstarter Campaign for Wasteland 2 is now open!

First it was Tim Schafer (Founder of Double Fine Productions). Then Christian Allen (Lead Designer of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2). Now, it's Brian Fargo, the founder of Interplay and also the founder of inXile Entertainment. He's just started a Kickstarter project for Wasteland 2.

Wasteland is a classic post-apocalyptic RPG which was an inspiration for the Fallout series. Right now they got 435 967 backers ($32,995 $63,901) and they need $900,000.00 to fund the sequel. We've still got 34 days to back it. If you want this game, support it now!

Crowdsourced Hardcore Tactical Shooter

So... You want some CQB tactical shooter game? The lead designer of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2, Christian Allen, announced that they (Serellan LLC, an indie game studio which was formed this year) are willing to make one, if you help them. Apparently they've just started a Kickstarter project. They need $200,000 to start the project. Right now the game will be developed for PC as the lead platform then ported to consoles (thank god!). The release date of the game will be on June 2013.

Serellan LLC

Since this will be a crowdsourced game, the supporters will be able to give feedback and advice to the developers' idea/concept where the developers can gather more information for the game that they're going to develop. Are you guys excited? Are you up for this? Right now they got $7,433 (from 150 backers) pledged for the $200,000 goal, and there are still 27 days to go! Will this campaign be successful as the Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter project that currently has $2,400,000 pledged (which is 6x higher than the expected goal)?


*All of the information and images here are from the Kickstarter website & Serellan LLC website

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