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Monday AAR - OMGeek and Malaysian Gamer in a Cooperative Partnership

Monday is the new Sunday.

That's right, everyone. After much deliberation and analysis, we have decided to move the AAR to Mondays. It's nice to start a fresh new week with some new updates about the community. Besides, the weekend is a time to stay up late, sleep in, and play some games. It's hard to write up an AAR while you're still busy playing. Am I right, guys?

Here's what's been happening so far.

  • The headline news is of course in big capital letters up there. We have formed a friendship with the respected gaming blog Malaysian Gamer! We will be posting updates about their reviews and articles here in the blog. Do check out their reviews, as they employ a pro and con system in the verdict without assigning a hard and fast number score. I like it, as in the end, the format encourages the reader to make his or her own informed decision about a title based on the facts and game experiences presented.
  • Of course, this also means that we can expect to see Malaysian Gamer's community in our servers as well. New friends and deeper, more satisfying teamplay experiences await!
  • Yesterday marked our first Skirmish Sunday, and it was very successful! We had an awesome time moving, capping, holding, fragging, and coordinating movements in our separate squads, all the while keeping the whole team updated over voice. Every Sunday from now on, we will be holding organized games with proper squad designations and squad-specific voice chat via Mumble. Please visit the thread if you're interested. Whatever your playstyle and specialty, there's a place in the team for you!
  • I've begun playing The Book of Unwritten Tales, and I'm loving it so far. It's a throwback to a happy time for me--a new world to explore in every game, with new characters to meet, and new puzzles to randomly click on until I get tired, go to sleep, and then try again the next day. The localization struck me as particularly good, as the humor and voice acting are highly entertaining. We'll have more on the game when our review comes out, so stay tuned!

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